Weather-Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate Important Questions

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Question 1
Complete the given analogies: -
(a) Toucan: long beak as Red Eyed frog:
(b) Polar bear: white fur as Penguin:
(c) Trunk: nose as tusk:
(d) Tiger: Predator as Zebra:
(e) Penguins: ________________as polar bear: hibernate.


  1. Sticky pads
  2. Thick skin
  3. Teeth
  4. Prey
  5. Huddle together

Question 2
Which of the following briefly describes the desert climate?
(a) Hot and humid
(b) Dry and humid
(c) Hot and dry
(d) Hot and wet



Question 3
True and False Statement
(a) It is easy to predict weather rather than climate.
(b) Since very few preys are available, polar bear does not need to have strong sense of smell.
(c) Penguins stick together to fight the cold polar climate.
(d) Tropical rain forests are cool and humid throughout the year because of heavy rains all the time.


(a) False, it is easy to predict the climate rather than the weather.
(b) False, (since very few preys are available) polar bear need to have a strong sense of smell.
(c) True.
(d) False, tropical rain forests are hot and humid throughout the year because of heavy rains all the time.

Question 4
Answer in one word/one sentence. -
(a) Scientist who study the weather and climate. ___________________________
(b) An instrument used measure rainfall. _________________________________
(c) The short-term variation which occur in the atmosphere is called________________________
(d) Name the characteristic that enables the animals to blend with surroundings like skin color is _________________________
(e) Name the climate of tropical region ________________
(f) During which time of the year you expect the sun to rise late and set early in your city/town?
(g) Name the thermometer used to measure the maximum and minimum temperature of the day


  1. Meteorologist
  2. Rain gauge
  3. Weather
  4. Camouflage
  5. Hot and humid
  6. Winter
  7. maximum and minimum thermometers

Question 5
Fill in the blanks
(a) I am a bird and the only inhabitant of Antarctica/ polar region. _________________________
(b) I am only responsible for all changes that occur in weather. ______________________
(c) I am very cold region with six months day and six months night. ________________________
(d) I am the inhabitant of rainforest having silver-white mane. ____________________________
(e) I am unpredictable as I change myself in a short time span. _________


  1. Penguin
  2. Sun
  3. Polar region
  4. Beard Ape
  5. Weather

Question 6
Name any two countries of each that belong to or have
(a) Polar region:
(b) Tropical rainforest:

Question 7
(a) Adaptation
(b) Humidity

Question 8
Explain the climate of
(a) Polar region
(b) Tropical region

Question 9
Differentiate between weather & climate.

Question 10
Describe the adaptive features of- (Any three of each)
(a) Polar bear
(b) beard ape

Question 11
what do you mean by the term “Migration”? Give an example of a living organism which shows this phenomenon.

Question 12
How migratory birds and their way from one location to other? (any 2-3 points)

Question 13
Why weather forecasting is important?

Question 14
Unscramble the following words using the hints given against them.
a. MATLICE (Hint: weather pattern in a region over a period)
b. AROPL (Hint: coolest region on earth)
c. TREHMEOMRET (Hint: used to measure temperature)
d. UHIDYTMI (Hint: feature of weather)


  1. Climate
  2. Polar
  3. Thermometer
  4. (iv) Humidity

Question 15
Crossword Puzzle
Weather Climate and Adaptations class 7 Important Questions
5. It is the average weather of the region over a long time
6. This region are covered with snow and it is very cold for most part of the year.
7. atmospheric moisture.
8. the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment
1. This region generally has hot climate
2. The lion-tailed macaque
3. It is another means to escape the harsh, cold conditions
4. The day to day condition of the atmosphere of the place


  1. Tropical
  2. BeardApe
  3. Migration
  4. Weather
  5. Climate
  6. Polar
  7. Humidity
  8. adaptation

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