Electric Current and its Effects Questions & answers

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Fill in the blanks

a.Like terminals of cells are linked in ________
b.A complete path for the flow of electric current is called ________
c.The amount of heat generated by a metal conductor depends on the ________ of the conductor.
d.A device used to break or complete the circuit is ________
e.The flow of charges through a circuit is called________
f.When electric current is passed through a material with high resistant is generated.
g.Combination of cells is called ________.
h.Unit of electric current is ________.
i.Tungsten metal has ________.
j.If a current flows through a circuit then it is called a ________.
k.An Electromagnet is a ________.
l.An electric bell is based on the principle of ________.
m.The alloy used to make the heating element in heating devices is ________.
n.The device used to protect an electric circuit from excess current is called a ________.
o.A fuse wire is an alloy of lead and ________.


a. parallel
b. electric circuit
c. thickness
d. switch
e. electric current
f. heat
g. Battery
h. ampere
i. high resistance
j.closed circuit
k. temporary magnet
l. magnetic effect of electric current
m. nichrome
n. fuse
o. tin

Short answer type

1.What are open and closed circuits?
2.Name the device which protects the circuit against sudden increase in electric current?
3.What do you mean by the heating effect of electric current?
4.State the name of the device which regulates the flow of current in an LED?
5.What do you mean by the magnetic effect of electric current?
6.When a bulb is switched on it becomes extremely hot. Why?
7.Which device allows us to break and complete an electric circuit?
8.What is a solenoid?
9.Why is the filament of the bulb made of a thin tungsten wire?
10. Name two appliances that use Electromagnet?

Long answer type

1.What is an electromagnet? Suggest any two methods to increase the strength of an electromagnet?
2.(i) What is an electric fuse? Explain how a fuse helps to protect a circuit?
(ii) Explain the importance of a fuse in an electric circuit?
3.Explain one experiment to show the magnetic effect of electric current?
4.What is an electric circuit? Use symbols and draw diagram of a circuit having a single cell, a bulb and a switch?
5.Describe how two cells can be connected in series and in parallel with the help of suitable diagrams?
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