Respiration in Organisms worksheet with answers

In this page we have respiration in organisms class 7 worksheet with answers . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.
Question 1.
Why is breathing called an Involuntary action?

Question 2.
What is produced when human cells respire anaerobically?

Question 3.
Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

Question 4.
Explain respiration in birds?

Question 5.
How does gaseous exchange take place in earthworms?

Question 6.
Why do we yawn?

Question 7.
Differentiate between Pulmonary respiration and cutaneous respiration?

Question 8.
How are dust particles prevented from entering the lungs?

Question 9.
What causes muscular cramps in a person?

Question 10.
Can you guess what would happen if a potted plant having underground roots is overwatered?

Question 11.
How is carbon dioxide removed from the human body?

Question 12.
Why do mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders with them?

Question 13.
What is the difference between external respiration, internal respiration and cellular respiration?

Question 14.
Explain the role of hemoglobin in cellular respiration?

Question 15.
Explain how respiration takes place in a cockroach?

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