Simple Equation worksheet for Class 7 Maths

Question 1 
Make equations for given statements :
(a) 4 less from thrice a number m is 14.
(b) A number x divided by 4 gives 3.
(c) 7 less than a number x is 4.
(d) Four fifths of a number. is greater than three fourth of the number by 4.
(e) x exceeds 3 by 7
Question 2
Solve the equations :
(a?)  $3(x-1) + 7 = 11   $
(b) $14 =  \frac {7x}{10}  -8$ 
(c?) $\frac {(x-3)}{5}  - 2 = -1$                   
(d) $20- (2x-5) = 25$
(e) $\frac {(y-7)}{3}  -1 = 0$
(f) $\frac {m}{4} -7 =3$
(g) $3z + 11 = 41$
(h) $4(x+ 1) = 16$
(i) $2x + \frac {1}{4} =\frac {7}{4}$  
(j) $ 4(x+ 1) =4$
Question 3
The length of a rectangle is three times its width. It the perimeter of the rectangle is 96m, find the length and breadth of the rectangle.
Question 4 
If a number is tripled & the result is increased by 5, we get 50. Find the number.
Question 5
 Fill in the blanks :
(a) The value of the variable which makes the equations a true statement is called the____________of the equation.
(b) Any term of an equation may be taken from one side to the other with a change in its sign. This process is called_________________.
(c) An__________________is a statement of equality which contains one or more unknown variables.
(d) Without changing the equality, we may_______________the same quantity to both side of the equation.
Question 6
If one side of a square is represented by 18x – 20 and the adjacent side is represented by 42 – 13x, find the length of the side of the square.
Question 7
– 2(x + 3) = 10
Question 8
In a class of 60 students, the number of girls is one third the number of boys. Find the number of girls and boys in the class.
a. $3m -4 =14$
b. $\frac {x}{4} =3$
c. $ x-7 =4$
d. $\frac {4x}{5} = \frac {3x}{4} +4 $
e. $ x-3=7$
a. 7/3
b. 220/7
c. 8
d. 0
e. 10
f. 40
g. 10
h. 3
i. 3/4
j. 0
3. 12m and 36m
4. 15
a. solution
c. equation
d. add ,subtract and divide
6. 16
7. -8
8.  15 and 45

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Reference Books for class 7 Maths

Given below are the links of some of the reference books for class 7 math.

  1. Mathematics for class 7 by R S Aggarwal
  2. Mathematics for Class 7 by R D Sharma
  3. Mathematics Foundation Course For JEE/IMO/Olympiad - Class 7
  4. IIT Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Maths for Class 7

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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