synthetic fibres and Plastics Class 8 questions answers

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Fill in the blanks

  1. ----------made from both synthetic and natural fibers.
  2. ---------- is the another name of lycra.
  3. ---------- fibre is also called artificial silk.
  4. Electrical switches are made of ----------.
  5. The process of combining monomers to form a polymer is called-------.
  6. Rayon is a fiber regenerated from---------.
  7. ------------ is often used are substitute for wool.
  8. ------------ is used as a coating on the surface of non- stick frying pans.
  9. -----------synthetic fiber is commonly used to make strong ropes.
  10. ---------- are long- chain polymers made by linking of several ester units.
  11. ----------plastics are set into a particular shape cannot be remolded.
  12. ---------- is the most common source for synthetic fibers.
  13. Plastic are an example of -----------.
  14. Themocol is made from--------- plastic material.
  15. Plastics are polymers that can be --------- and ---------- into any desired.

Short Answer type

Question 1
Name any two blended fibres?

Question 2
Why is rayon called a regenerated fibres?

Question 3
Why is nylon considered to be a good material for making fishing nets?

Question 4
Why electric plugs and switches are made of plastic?

Question 5
Why are plastic bottles commonly used to store chemicals in a chemistry laboratory?

Question 6
What can be used as a substitute for wool? Why?

Question 7
Distinguish between natural and synthetic fibers?

Question 8
Why nylon is used for making socks?

Question 9
Why people prefer wearing cotton clothes over synthetic during summer?

Question 10
Why Polyester clothes should be avoided in kitchen?

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