Multiple choice questions on thermal properties of matter for JEE Main and Advanced

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Multiple Choice questions

Question 1:
There are three Rods A,B,C of equal length L at same temperature .There coefficient of linear expansion are αa, αb, αr   respectively. if the temperature of all rod are increased by θ ° C and coefficient of linear expansion is like αbac. then what will be the final order of length of rod
a. Lc>Lb>Lc
b. Lb= La= Lc
c. La>Lb>Lc
d. Lb>La>Lc

Three bodies are having temperature
TA = - 42 °F
TB = - 10 °C
TC = 2000 K
Which body among these is most warm
a, TA
b, TB
c, TC
d, None of these

A sphere of mass m and diameter D is Heated by temperature ΔT , if Coefficient of linear expansion is α what will be the change in the Surface Area
a, π D2α ΔT (α ΔT+ 2)
b. π D2α ΔT (α ΔT- 2)
c. π D2α ΔT (α ΔT+ 4)
d. π D2α ΔT (α Δ- 4)

if α is the Coefficient of linear expansion of block and L denotes length, T denotes Temperature then which one of these is true
a, dL - α L dT = 0
b, dL + α L dT = 0
c, αdL - L dT = 0
D, αdL - +L dT = 0

Consider the following statement
A.If body A and body B are in state of thermal equilibrium, B & C are in state of thermal equilibrium then A & C are in Equilibrium
B. If body A and body B are not in equilibrium and A & C are not in thermal equilibrium then B & C may be in thermal equilibrium.
a. Only A is Correct
b. Only b is Correct
c. A & B is Correct
d. Neither is correct

For any material, density ρ , mass m and volume V are related by ρ = m/V and B is coefficient of volume expansion then which one is true
a, B = (1/ρ) (dρ/ dT)
b, B = -(1/ρ) (dρ/ dT)
C, B = (1/ρ) (dρ/ dV)
d, B = (1/ρ) (dρ/ dV)

A constant volume air thermometer works on
a, Pascal law
b, Charles law
c, Boyles law
d, Archimedes

10 liters of benzene weight
a, more in summer than in winter
b, more in winter than in Summer
c, equal in winter and summer
d, none of above

An Aluminum Rod of length L0rest on a smooth horizontal base if the temperature is increase by ΔT °C. What will be the longitudinal strain developed
a, αΔT
B, Zero
c. -αΔT
D. none of the above

A metal ball immersed in alcohol weight m1 at 0 °C and m2 at 150 °C. The coefficient of cubical expansion of the metal is less than that of alcohol. Assuming that density of metal is large as compared to that alcohol ,it can be shown
a. m1- m2>0
b. m1- m2<0
c. m1=m2
d none of the above

if a is coefficient of Linear expansion, b coefficient of areal expansion, c coefficient of Volume expansion. Which of the following is true
a. b=2a
b. c=3a
c. b=3a
d. a=2b

the coefficient of linear expansion of an in homogenous rod changes linearly from α1to α2from one end to the other end of the rod. The effective coefficient of linear expansion of the rod is

a α12
b 1/2(α12)
c. √α1α2Solution

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