Chemical reactions and equations class 10

We have studied about matter in our surroundings in class 9 chemistry. In this page I have provided links to all the materioal we have on class 10 science chapter 1 Chemical reactions and equations .
We know that most ofthe matter that we find around us is made up of atoms, molecules and combination of various elemsnts. Various combinations of elements and molecules occur due to chemical changes or chemical reactions taking place. These chemical reactions can be observed in our day to day life for example formation of rust on iron surface when it is placed in humid air, formation of bubbles when limestone is dissolved in water and so on.
Chemical reactions also play an important role in human life for example you must have read about photosynthesis while studying nutrition in plants in class 7 science. From there you can recall that in the process called photosynthesis, conversion of light energy into chemical energy takes place thereby splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by light energy. In photosynthesis, there is a reduction of carbon dioxide by hydrogen to form carbohydrate like glucose by utilizing the chemical energy.
In this chapter you shall learn about various types of chemical reactions taking place under normal conditions and under externally influenced conditions in laboratory.


In this page find links to chemical equations and reaction notes, worksheets, important questions, questions and answers, online tests (or quiz) and much more.
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Chemical equations and reactions Study material

  1. Chemical reactions and equations Notes
    In this page find the notes for this chapter. Topics that are covered are
    • Introduction to chemical reactions and equations
    • Characteristics of Chemical reactions
    • Chemical equations
    • Balanced and unbalanced chemical equations
    • Types of chemical reactions
    • Combination reactions
    • Decomposition reaction
    • Displacement reactions
    • Double displacement reactions
    • Oxidation and Reduction reactions
  2. You can find all these topics in one place.
  3. Chemical Reactions and Equations NCERT Solutions
  4. chemical reactions-and equations class 10 questions answers
  5. Chemical reactions and equations class 10 worksheet
  6. chemical reactions and equations class 10 test
  7. chemical reactions and equations class 10 mcq
  8. Important Questions for Class 10 Science Chapter 1

Chemical reactions and equations Online practice tests and quiz

After studying and practicing above mentioned material you can practice online quiz or tests given below to get a score on the knowledge you have acquired.

  1. Chemical Reactions and Equations Online Test
  2. Chemical reactions and equations online quiz

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