Class 9 Science CBSE worksheet for Is Matter around us pure

Given below are the Class 9 Science CBSE worksheet for Is Matter around us pure
a) Short questions
b) True and False problems
c) Fill in the blank's
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1.Common salt is _________.
2.A mixture contains more than ______ substance mixed in ______ proportion.
3.Properties of a __________ are different from its constituent elements, whereas a _______ shows the properties of its constituting elements.
4.A solution is defined as a mixture that is-----------.
5.We can remove salts from a solution by using the process of ----------
6. A pure substance has a fixed__________ or ______ at constant temperature.
7.An element is made up of only one kind of _________.
8.Miscible liquids are separated by ________ .
9.Immiscible liquids are separated by using a _______.
10.Filtered tea is a _________ mixture.
11.Alloy is a _______.
12.Sublimation of camphor is a _________ change.
13.Most common chemical change we observe in our routine life is rusting of______.


1.Water is homogenous substance.
2.Element is always metal.
3.Substance is always homogeneous
4.In compound elements combine in definite proportion.
5.Iodine can be purified by sublimation.
6.Mixtures are always combinations of the same compounds that are at different states.
7.We can separate all mixtures by filtration.
8.All mixtures are defined as “ heterogeneous”
9.Only specific compounds can be combined to form mixtures.
10.No pure elements are liquids at room temperature.
11.Mixtures are combinations of one or more compounds that can be separated with chemical processes.
12.Crystals can be made of mixtures.


1.What difference in the property of two miscible liquids enables their separation by fractional distillation?
2.Why is solution not heated to dryness to get crystals?
3.Give one example each of homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture.
4.Name the apparatus by which mixture of oil and water can be separated.
5.How can we check whether the given soli substance is pure or not?
6.A hard substance produces a tinkling sound when beat. Is it metal or a non- metal?
7.Is brass a mixture or a compound?
8.What type of solution is an alloy?
Liquid solution or solid solution
9.A mixture consisting of two miscible liquids 'A' and 'B' whose boiling points differ by 50 C can be separated by which process?
10.Which separation, technique is employed to separate complex mixture of organic compounds like carbohydrates, amino acids. Vitamins, hormones, etc?
11.In fractional crystallization two organic compounds gets differentiated on the basis of which property.
12.Which method can be used to separate mixture of iron filings and common salt?
13.Give one example of solid- liquid homogeneous mixture.
14.What is a aquaregia?
15.Which method is used to separate two immiscible liquids?
16.Name two elements which are in liquid state at room temperature?


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Reference Books for class 9 science

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These books by S.Chand Publications are detailed in their content and are must have books for class 9 students.
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Some other books that might be worth considering are
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  3. Foundation Science Physics for Class - 9 by H.C. Verma This is one of my favorite Physics book for class 9. Most of the book is within the limits of CBSE syllabus. It might overwhelm you with its language but I feel if you can understand the content is authentic with plenty of problems to solve.

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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