Class 9 Science CBSE Test Paper for matter in our Surroundings

Given below are the Class 9 Science CBSE Test Paper for matter in our Surroundings for matter in our Surroundings
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Question 1.
Describe these
d.Brownian motion
e.Effect of pressure

Question 2.
What is latent heat? Describe its type with example?

Question 3.
What is evaporation? Describe with example? What are the factors influencing evaporation?

Question 4.
Give reasons-
a.The water kept in earthen pot (matka) remain cool?
b.Smell of perfume is spread all over the room.
c.If we put acetone or spirit in our palm feel cool.
d.Gases fill their container completely.
e.An iron almirah is said to be solid.

Question 5.
a.47 ° C to Kelvin
b.367 K to ° C
c. 0 ° C to Kelvin

Question 6.
Differentiate between-
a.Boiling point and melting point
b.Diffusion in solid and diffusion in liquid
c.Boiling and evaporation

Question 7.
Write the characteristics of particle of matter? Describe any two of it with example and activity?

Question 8.
Arrange these in increasing order
-11 ° C, 20 ° C, 270 K, 200 ° C, -100 ° C, 174 K, 10 ° C

Question 9.
Which is of these is correct?
a. 1 atmosphere =$ 1.01 \times 10^5$ Pa.
b. 1 atmosphere =$ 1.01 \times 10^{-5}$ Pa.
c. 1 atmosphere =$ 1.01 \times 10^4$ Pa.
d. 1 atmosphere =$ 2.01 \times 10^5$ Pa.

Question 10.
The mass per unit volume of a substance is called density. it is denoted by $\rho$ is $\rho = \frac{mass}{volume}$.
Arrange the following in order of decreasing density -
air, exhaust from chimneys, honey, water, chalk, cotton and iron.

Question 11.
Ravi visited a Natural Gas Compressing Unit and found that the gas can be liquefied under specific conditions of temperature and pressure.The specified conditions are
(a) Low temperature, low pressure
(b) High temperature, low pressure
(c) High temperature, high pressure
(d) Low temperature, high pressure

5. a. 320 deg; C
b. 94 deg; C
c. 273 K
8. -100 ° C < 174 K < -11 ° C < 10 ° C < 20 ° C < 270 K < 200 ° C
9. (a)
10. iron > chalk > honey > water > cotton > exhaust from chimneys > air
11. (c)


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