CBSE Important Questions(long questions) for Natural Resources

Given below are the Class 9 Science Important Questions for CBSE Important Questions(Long questions) for Natural Resources
a) Concepts questions
b) Calculation problems
c) Multiple choice questions
d) Long answer questions
e) Fill in the blank's
1. What is meant by air pollution? Explain any two human activities that causes air pollution. Mention any three harmful effects of air pollution?
2. Mention any three important roles of water essential for the life of organisms on earth’s surface?
3. How is percentage of carbon dioxide maintained in the atmosphere? Mention one human activity which adds carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
4. List three human activities which would lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide content of air?
5. What is the chemical formula of ozone? What essential function does this gas perform and where it is found? What are CFCs?
6. Mention three ways by which atmosphere regulates the average temperature on earth?
7. How are clouds formed? List any three human activities that you think would lead to air pollution and briefly explain each of them?
8. Write the composition of soil. On what basis is the type of soil decided?
9. In coastal areas, the wind blows from sea to land during the day. Why?
10. List three human activities responsible for the pollution of water bodies?

11. What is soil erosion? Writes its two causes. Which are the three methods of preventing soil erosion?
12. In what forms the water is found on the earth surface? Describe in brief?
13. The overuse of fertilizers and pesticides is harmful for the soil. Why?
14. Suggest any two ways for conservation of water and mention any three traditional methods of doing so?
15. What the harmful effects of modern farming practices? Mention any three effects?
16. What causes of movement of air? Mention the factors which influence these winds?
17. How is soil pollution caused? Write three ways to prevent soil pollution?
18. How do sun and wind influence the formation of soil?
19. Name the different states in which water is found during the water cycle?
20. Explain how forest influence the quality of air, soil and water resources. State two ways in which atmospheric carbon dioxide is fixed?
21. Explain the causes of water pollution? Discuss how you can contribute in reducing water pollution?
22. Draw a schematic diagram of water cycle in nature?
23. Explain the following terms:
a) Nitrogen fixation
b) Nitrification
c) Denitrification
24. Draw well labelled diagram of oxygen cycle in nature? Explain in how many ways O2 is used up from the atmosphere and how it returns back to atmosphere?
25. Draw a well labelled nitrogen cycle in nature. Describe one biological and one physical method of conversion of nitrogen to forms nitrates and nitrites?

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These books by S.Chand Publications are detailed in their content and are must have books for class 9 students.
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  3. Foundation Science Physics for Class - 9 by H.C. Verma This is one of my favorite Physics book for class 9. Most of the book is within the limits of CBSE syllabus. It might overwhelm you with its language but I feel if you can understand the content is authentic with plenty of problems to solve.

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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