Chemical Coordination & Integration

Chemical Coordination & Integration

  • The neural coordination is fast but short-lived. As the nerve fibres do not innervate all cells of the body and the cellular functions need to be continuously regulated,a special kind of coordination and regulation has to be provided. This function is carried out by hormones
  • The nervous system and endocrine system are intimately related to each other forming neuro endocrine system, jointly co- ordinates together that regulates the physiological functions of the body.
Now lets us study in deep about Hormones and Hormones producing Human Endrocrine system

What is Hormones

  • These are non- nutrient chemicals which are produced in trace amounts & acts as intracellular messenger.
  • Hormones are responsible for regulating the biological process in the body and they are produced in very minute quantity.
  • On the basis of their chemical nature, hormones are of following types:-
    (i) Peptide & Proteins:- For ex- Isulin, glucagon, pituitary hormones etc.
    (ii) Steroids: For ex- Cortisol, testosterone, progesterone & oestrogen.
    (iii) Amino � acid derivatives: For ex- epinephrine, norepinephrine.
    (iv) Iodothyronines: For ex - thyroid hormones
Now let us take a look at Human Endrocrine system
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