Reproductive Health Questions

Very Short Answer Type Questions (1 Mark)

Question 1.
Name an IUD that you would recommend to promote the cervix hostility to the sperms?

Question 2.
State one reason why breast -feeding the baby acts as a natural contraceptive for the mother?

Question 3.
Mention one positive and one negative application of amniocentesis?

Question 4.
What was the old name of the RCH programme of today? When was it initiated in India?

Question 5.
Why is the period between day 10 and 17 of the menstrual cycle, called 'fertile period'?

Question 6.
State the consequence if IMR will increase and MMR will decrease in a population?

Short Answer Type Questions (2 Marks)

Question 7.
What do oral pills contain and how do they act as effective contraceptives?

Question 8.
Why is 'Saheli' considered an effective contraceptive for women to space children?

Question 9.
Why is CuT considered a good contraceptive device to space children?

Question 10.
All reproductive tract infections are STDs, but not all STDs are reproductive infections? Justify with an example?

Question 11.
The Government of India has raised the marriageable age of females to 18 years and of males to 21 years. Suggest any two more measures adopted by the government for the purpose?

Question 12.
The procedure of GIFT involves the transfer of the female gamete to the fallopian tube. Can the gamete be transferred to the uterus to achieve the same results? Explain?

Question 13.
How is IUT different from IUI?

Question 14.
Removal of gonads cannot be considered as a contraceptive option. Why?

Question 15.
Reproductive health refers only to Healthy reproductive functions? Comment?

Question 16.
Why is ZIFT a boon to childless couples? Explain the procedure?

Question 17.
A pregnant human female was advised to undergo MTP. It was diagnosed by a doctor that the foetus she is carrying has developed from a zygote formed by an XX-egg fertilised by Y-carrying sperm. Why was she advised to undergo MTP?

Short Answer Type Questions (3 Marks)

Question 18.
If implementation of better techniques and new strategies are required to provide more efficient care in assistants to people, then why is there a statutory ban on amniocentesis? Write the use of this technique and give reason to justify the ban?

Question 19.
Explain how surrogacy is helpful in case of an infertile woman?

Question 20.
The present population growth rate in India is alarming. Suggest ways to check it?

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