Practice Questions for Class 6 Maths Decimals

In this page we have Practice Questions for Class 6 Maths Decimals . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.
Tenths and Hundred is deleted as per Rationalized Syllabus, so you may ignore questions on them

Question 1
Five athlete are entered into a competition. Four of the athlete have had their turns. Their scores are 9.8 s, 9.75 s, 9.79 s, and 9.81 s to run 200m distance. What score must the last athlete get in order to win the competition?

Question 2
Rana purchased Rs 49.46 in groceries at a store. The cashier gave her 1.46 in change from a Rs 100 bill. Rana gave the cashier an angry look. What did the cashier do wrong?

Question 3
Sachin has 4250.82 in her checking account in Citibank How much does he have in her account after he makes a deposit of 1200.75 and a withdrawal of 1850.90?

Question 4
Order these decimals from least to greatest:
(a) 20.08 , 20.008, 21,8
(b) 119.60 , 120.01, 119.06 , 119.61
(c) 1561.32 , 1561.032, 1562.31
(d) 101.812, 101.218, 101.128

Question 5
Write 5 decimals between below given pair in order from least to greatest
(a) 1.100 , 1.121
(b) 1.241 , 1.421
(c) 11.56 , 11.99
(d) 11.07 , 12.01

Question 6
Write the following decimals in the place value table.
(a) 69.4
(b) 1.3
(c) 1121.6
(d) 2051.45

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Question 1 What is $\frac {1}{2} + \frac {3}{4}$ ?
A)$\frac {5}{4}$
B)$\frac {1}{4}$
D)$\frac {4}{5}$
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A)An erect and small image
B)an Inverted and small image
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D)None of the above

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