Important Questions for Class 6 Maths Mensuration-1

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Question 1
Find the perimeter of each of the following shapes:
(a) A triangle of sides 12 cm, 5 cm and 13 cm.
(b) An equilateral triangle of side 8 cm.
(c) An isosceles triangle with equal sides 4 cm each and third side 3 cm.
d) An square of side 10 cm
e) An rectangle of side 11,10 cm
f) triangle with sides measuring 10 cm, 14 cm and 15 cm.
g) Regular hexagon of side 8 cm
h) Regular pentagon of side 5 cm
Question 2
Solve the following
a) Two sides of a triangle are 12 cm and 14 cm. The perimeter of the triangle is 36 cm. What is its third side?
b) The perimeter of square is 40 cm, what is the side length?
c) An equilateral triangle of perimeter 90 cm, what is the side length?
d)  The length of the rectangle is 10 cm and perimeter is 30 cm, what is the other side
Question 3
 Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length and breadth are 150 cm and 1 m respectively.
Question 4
 Sachin takes 10 rounds of a rectangular park, 50 m long and 20 m wide. Find the total distance covered by him.
Question 5
 Find the distance travelled by Naina if she takes three rounds of a square park of side 60 m.
Question 6
 Find the perimeter of a regular pentagon with each side measuring 6 cm.
Question 7
The lid of a rectangular box of sides 40 cm by 10 m is to be sealed all round with tape. What is the length of the tape required?
Question 8
Find the areas of the rectangles whose sides are:
(a) 7 cm and 4 cm
 (b) 2 m and 21 m
(c) 11 m and 1 m
 (d) 2 m and 10 cm
Question 9
Find the areas of the squares whose sides are:
(a) 11 cm
(b) 25 cm
 (c) 12 m
Question 10
 Jatin   wants to cover the floor of a room 3 m wide and 4 m long by squared tiles. If each square tile is of side 0.5 m, then find the number of tiles required to cover the floor of the room.
Question 11
 Find the area in square meter of a piece of cloth 1m 25 cm wide and 2 m long.
Question 12
 A room is 4 m long and 3 m 50 cm wide. How many square meters of carpet is needed to cover the floor of the room.
Question 13
 The area of a rectangular garden 50 m long is 300 sq m. Find the width of the garden.

a) 30 cm
b) 24 cm
c) 11cm
d) 40 cm
e) 42 cm
f) 39 cm
g) 48 cm
h) 25 cm
a) 10 cm
b) 10 cm
c) 30 cm
d) 5 cm
3) 302 m
4) 1400m
5) 720 m
6) 30 cm
7) 100 m

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