Practice Worksheets for Class 6 Science Chapter 10 Fun with Magnets

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1
What will happen if take magnetic compass near a bar magnetic?
(a) The needle will deflect
(b) The needle will not deflect
(c) The needle will reverse the direction
(d) None of these

Question 2
The North end of the freely suspended magnet points towards?
(a) Geographical West
(b) Geographical East
(c) Geographical North
(d) Geographical South
Question 3
Which of the following is true of magnets?
(a) Like poles repel each other
(b) Opposite pole attract each other
(c) magnets has two poles (North and South)
(d) All the above

Question 4
What is incorrect of magnets?
(a) Magnetic power is more in the middle of bar magnets
(b) Magnetite is a natural magnet
(c) Magnetic compass always aligned towards North south direction
(d) None of the above

Question 5
A bar magnet is immersed in a heap of iron filings and pulled out. The amount of iron filling clinging to the?
(a) North pole is almost equal to the south pole.
(b) North pole is much more than the south pole.
(c) North pole is much less than the south pole.
(d) Magnet will be same all along its length.

Question 6
Match the column
Practice Worksheets for Class 6 Science Chapter 10 Fun with Magnets
(a) P -> V, Q ->U, R-> V,S-> U
(b) P -> U, Q ->V, R-> V,S-> U
(c) P -> V, Q ->U, R-> U,S-> V
(d) None of these

Question 7
The North Pole of a magnetic needle is painted
(a) red
(b) blue
(c) green
(d) black

Question 8
Statement A: Magnetism of a magnet is lost by Hampering
Statement B: Magnetism of a magnet is lost by breaking it
(a) Statement A is correct only
(b) Statement B is correct only
(c) Both the statement A and B are correct
(d) Both the statement A and B are incorrect

Question 9
Match the column

(a) P -> V, Q ->U, R-> V,S-> U
(b) P -> U, Q ->V, R-> V,S-> U
(c) P -> V, Q ->U, R-> U,S-> V
(d) None of these


1. (a)
2. (c)
3. (d)
4. (a)
5. (a)
6. (a)
7. (a)
8. (a)
9. (b)

Long Answer type Questions

Question 10
What are magnetic and nonmagnetic Materials


Magnetic Materials
Materials that are attracted by a magnet are called magnetic materials. Objects made of materials such as iron, cobalt and nickel are magnetic objects
Non-Magnetic Materials
Materials that are not attracted by magnets are called non-magnetic materials. Examples of non-magnetic materials include rubber, wood, feather etc

Question 11
What are different type of magnets? And where are the poles located?


Question 12
(i)How should we store magnets?
(ii)Write two methods by which a magnet can be demagnetized.


(i)Bar magnets should be kept in pairs with their unlike poles on the same side. They must be separated by a piece of wood while two pieces of soft iron should be placed across their ends. For horse-shoe magnet, one should keep a piece of iron across the poles.

(1) By hammering the magnet strongly.
(2) By heating a magnet strongly and keeping it in the east-west direction.

Question 13
A bar magnet has no markings to indicate its poles. How would you find out near which end is its north pole located?
It is advised to keep the magnets away from television, mobiles, CD and computers Explain why?


(i) Take the bar magnet and suspend it freely with the help of a thread, the end that points towards north pole will be regarded as north end of the magnet. Take a bar magnet with known/marked poles on it. Let the north pole of the magnet be brought closer to the suspended magnet at the end that is pointing towards north, if it shows repulsion than it is confirmed.
(ii)Television, mobiles, CD, computers and many more devices are made up of magnetic materials and magnets in it. If you bring a magnet closer to it then it will spoil these devices.

Question 14
(i)Write main properties of a magnet.
(ii)Draw a diagram of a magnetic compass.



  1. Magnet has two poles—south pole and north pole.
  2. Poles of magnet cannot be isolated.
  3. Like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.
  4. Freely suspended magnet aligns in N-S direction.

Question 15
i.Name a material used for making a permanent magnet.
ii.If a bar magnet is cut into equal pieces by cutting it at right angles to its axis at two places, then how many bar magnets will be formed?
iii.What is natural magnet called?
iv.What is the instrument in which directive property of a magnet is used?
v.At which place on a magnet, its magnetic force is maximum?


iv.Mariner’s compass.
v.At poles.

Question 16
i.What is a temporary magnet?
ii.What happens when N-pole of a magnet is brought near the N-pole of a suspended magnet?
iii.Which is the South Pole of a bar magnet?
iv.In which direction does a suspended magnet come to rest?


i.It is piece of magnet only for a short period. This magnetism is lost as soon as the source of magnetization is removed.
ii.There is repulsion between these two magnets as there is repulsion between like poles.
iii.It is the tip of a bar magnet which points towards the south direction.
iv.Magnet comes to rest in N-S (north-south) direction.

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