Living organisms and their surroundings Extra Questions

Question 1
(i)How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?
(ii)List some common characteristics of living organisms.
(iii)What is cell? Who coined the term “cell”? Name the instrument used to observe cells.
(iv)What are the adaptations in the frog?
(v)What is arboreal habitat?
(vi)What do you mean by acclimatization?
(vii)Differentiate between plants and animals.

Question 2
(i)“Stems of plants are positively phototropic.” Identify the stimulus and the response.
(ii)Why do animals stop growing after a certain period of time?
(iii)‘Growing sheep and growing pile of Garbage’. Is the mode of growth same?


Question 3
What is habitat? Define terrestrial habitat. List four terrestrial habitat.

Question 4
a. How is a camel adapted to live in its habitat?
b. What are Xerophytes plant?

Question 5
a. What is excretion?
b. Do plants also excrete?
c. What is reproduction?

Question 6
a. What is an aquatic habitat?
b. Explain the features of fish which help it to adapt to live in water.

Question 7
Name the animal shown in the picture given below. Name & define the habitat in which it lives. Name two other animals that belongs to the habitat.

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Practice Question

Question 1 What is $\frac {1}{2} + \frac {3}{4}$ ?
A)$\frac {5}{4}$
B)$\frac {1}{4}$
D)$\frac {4}{5}$
Question 2 Pinhole camera produces an ?
A)An erect and small image
B)an Inverted and small image
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D)None of the above

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