NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Living Organisms and their surroundings

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Question 1
What is a habitat?
The surroundings where plants and animals live, is called their habitat. A habitat provides suitable climatic conditions like food, water, air, shelter and other needs so that plants and animals can live there. It is a dwelling place (a home)

Question 2
How is cactus adapted to survive in a desert?
Cactus survive in deserts due to following adaptations:
(a)It has flat green stem to store water and prepare food by photosynthesis.
(b) The stem is also covered with a thick waxy layer, which helps to retain water.
(c)Leaves are turned into spines to prevent loss of water.
(d) Its roots that go very deep into the soil for absorbing water.
Question 3
Fill up the blanks
(a) The presence of specific features, which enable a plant or an animal to live in a particular habitat, is called________
(b) The habitats of the plants and animals that live on land are called _____habitat.
(c) The habitats of plants and animals that live in water are called ______habitat.
(d) Soil, water and air are the _____factors of a habitat.
(e) Changes in our surroundings that make us respond to them, are called ________.
(f) Fish have_____shaped body that help them to move inside water.
(g) Dolphins and whales breathe through ____or ______ .
(h) In the mountain regions, the trees are normally _____shaped and _____have branches.
(g)Nostrils, blow holes
(h)Cone, sloping

Question 4
Which of the things in the following list are non-living?
Plough, Mushroom, Sewing machine, Radio, Boat, Water hyacinth, Earthworm
Non-living Things: Plough, Sewing machine

Question 5
Give an example of a non-living thing, which shows any two characteristics of living things.
A truck or a car which shows movement and consume energy (petrol or diesel).

Question 6
Which of the non-living things listed below, were once part of a living thing?
Butter, Leather, Soil, Wool, Electric bulb, Cooking oil, Salt, Apple, Rubber
Following are the things which were once part of living beings:

Following things were never part of living beings
electric bulb

Question 7
List the common characteristics of the living things.

The common characteristics of the living things

Question 8
Explain, why speed is important for survival in the grasslands for animals that live there. (Hint: There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grasslands habitats.)
In the grassland there are less number of trees and places to hide. The animals are vulnerable to predators (e.g. lions, tigers, wolves etc.). They can only survive and escape if they run very fast. Therefore, speed is important for survival in the grasslands for animals. We can take the example of deer. It is often attacked by loin and tiger and if they don’t have speed, they cannot survive.

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