Class 6 Science Chapter 5: Separation of Substances Worksheet

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Question 1
(i)List few methods of separations
(ii)which method will you prefer to separate a solid dissolved in liquid?
(iii)Name the process used to separate butter from curd.
(iv)Which method is used to obtain a pure liquid from a solution?
(v)What property is used to separate water from bigger soil particles?
(vi)What is a saturated solution?
(vii) Name the process by which water is separated from rice and pulses after washing them.

Question 2
(i)What is loading? why is the process named so?
(ii)Mention few essential physical properties of pure substance.
(iii)How can you convert a saturated solution of sugar to unsaturated solution, without adding water?
(iv)From the given list Identify the pure and impure substances.
Air Oxygen Soil Sugar Tea Sea water
Salad Oil and water hydrogen Sea Sand
(v)What is known to be the universal solvent & why?
(vi)List the properties of mixture.
(vii)How can you say that sea water is a Heterogeneous mixture?
(viii)Why does visibility increase after rain?

Question 3
(i)Describe the process of sieving?
(ii)Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid in water. What kind of mixture is vinegar?
(iii)Three glasses are taken as A, B and C filled with water. To glass A 2 teaspoon of sugar is added, in glass B 4 teaspoon of sugar is added and to glass C 5 teaspoon of sugar is added. Which glass is most saturated? Why?
(iv) Complete the following table:

(v)Rakhi accidently spill cooking oil on a milk container. Will she be able to separate the both?
(vi)What happens when steam comes in contact with the metal plate cooled with ice?
(vii) What is hand-picking method of separation? When is it used?


Question 4
Study the picture given below and answer the questions that follows.

  1. Name the process that you can see in the picture.
  2. Define the process. why is it done?
  3. Write down what is labelled a, b, c, d

Question 5
Complete the following table

Question 6
Explain how you make crystals of sugar?

Question 7
Look at the picture given below and answer the questions that follows.

  1. Name the all the processes shown in the figure.
  2. Name at least two solutions which can be present in beaker labelled 1. What do you think might be the nature of the solution?
  3. Name the substance present in beaker 2.

Question 8
“separating a mixture of sugar crystals and wheat flour is impossible”. Do you agree with this statement? Justify.

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B)$\frac {1}{4}$
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