Class 6 Science Chapter 14 Water Extra Questions

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Question 1
i.When does a drought occur?
ii.Write the sources of water on the earth.
iii.What makes the sea water so saline?
iv.Why is the water cycle important?

Question 2
i.How do the areas covered with concrete affect the availability of ground water?
ii.Why is there a need for conserving water? Give two reasons.
iii.Take out a cooled bottle of water from refrigerator and keep it on a table. After some time, you notice a puddle of water around it Why?
iv.Rohan wants you to imagine a day in your life when water supply through taps is not available. So, you have to fetch it yourself from a faraway place. Would you use the same amount of water as on any other day?
v.What is transpiration?
vi.How will you show the presence of water vapour in the air?
vii.Write any two activities which require more than a bucket of water.
viii.To clean their spectacles, people often breathe out on glasses to make them wet. Explain why the glasses become wet.
ix.How does clouds form?
x.When does a drought occur?
xi.Explain the role of plants in adding water vapour into atmosphere.
xii.Suppose you want to dry your school uniform quickly. Would spreading it near a heater help? If yes, how?

Question 3
How can water wastage be minimized?

Question 4
(i)Define ground water.
(ii)How is ground water formed?
(iii)Mention few uses of ground water.

Question 5
a. Why is conservation of water essential?
b. Mention five uses of water?

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