Forests Our Lifeline Important questions

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Fill in the blanks

Question 1
  1. ____________________ is a system comprising various plants, animals and micro-organisms.
  2. In a forest, ___________________ forms the uppermost layer followed by shrubs.
  3. Forests are the______________________ for the forest dwelling communities.
  4. Forest_____________________________ is dark in color due to the presence of humus.
  5. Wide variety of animals help ____________________ to grow & regenerate.
  6. ________________________convert the dead plants and animals to humus.
  7. ______ is the branch of forestry that deals with the development and care of forest.
  8. Variety of plants found in particular area is known as _____
  9. Variety of animals found in particular area is known as ______
  10. Forest serve as__________________________ and water purifying system in nature.


i. Forest
ii. trees
iii. lifeline
iv. floor
v. Forest
vi. Decomposer
vii. Silviculture
viii. flora
x. Green lungs

Question 2
  1. The topmost layer in a forest profile is called ______
  2. The second layer from the top of a forest profile is ______
  3. In the layer of a forest, herbs are part of the______
  4. A forest floor has microorganisms that depend on dead matter and help in the cycle of ______
  5. A food chain always starts with ______ and ends with ______
  6. Multiple food chains are interlinked together to form a ______
  7. In forests, all the kinds of animals ultimately depend for their food on the______
  8. As a part of the water cycle, the trees in a forest absorb water through the roots and release it into the atmosphere in the form of______
  9. Eagles live in the ______ of the forest the forest.
  10. The primary source of energy for the food chain is the ______
  11. An increase in the number of herbivores is kept in control by the ______
  12. The ______layer of the forest is damp, warm and dark.
  13. ______ of flowers leads to the reproduction of plants.
  14. The layer of a forest that has dead and decaying material is the ______
  15. ______ feed on dead animals.


(i)emergent layer
(v)Plants, carnivores
(vi)food web
(viii)water vapour
(ix)emergent layer
(xii)forest floor
(xiv)forest floor

Very short answer type questions

Question 3
i. which terms is used for celebration of planting of saplings on a large scale?
ii. What do we call to the branched part of a tree above the stem?
iii. Name the sequence of living organisms in which one eats another.
iv. What name is given to the different horizontal layers created by different types and sizes of trees.
v. Which part of the forest helps in recharging of the ground water.
vi. Name the term used for cutting of trees at large scale.
vii. Name the practice of planting trees to save environment from the bad effects of deforestation.


i. Van Mahotsav
ii. Crown
iii. Food chain
iv. understoreys
v. Forest floor
vi, Deforestation
vii. Afforestation

Unscramble the Jumbled word

Question 4


a. Canopy
b. Deforestation
c. Understorey
d. Decomposers

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 5
i. Forests are not responsible for
(a) providing medicinal plants.
(b) maintaining the flow of water into the streams.
(c) creating flood conditions.
(d) absorbing rainwater and maintaining water table.

ii. Which of these is the correct food chain
(a) Grass -> insects -> frog -> snake -> eagle
(b) frog → eagle → insects → grass → snake
(c) insects -> frog -> grass -> snake -> eagle
(d) eagle -> snake -> frog -> grass-> insects


i. (c)
ii. (a)

Question 6
forest our lifeline important questions
5. plants release oxygen through the process
1. Forests influence ______, water cycle and air quality
2. This serves as green lung of nature
3. branchy part of a tree above the stem
4. The micro-organisms which convert the dead plants and animals to humus are known as
6. A dark coloured substance


1. climate
2. forests
3. crown
4. Decomposers
5. photosynthesis
6. Humus

Short Answer type

Question 7
Define a food chain?

Question 8
Name a tree with a tall canopy?

Question 9
What is a food web?

Question 10
Name two decomposers that may be seen on the forest floor?

Question 11
Name two animals that hunt from the emergent layer?

Long Answer type Questions

11. Why are forests called the green lungs of the earth?
12. How do trees grow in a natural forest?
13. Why is it necessary to conserve forest? State any two ways to conserve forests.
14. What is food chain? Give one example of a food chain taking place in a forest.
15. State the reasons for large scale cutting down of forest trees.
16. What kind of plants grow in the Understorey of a forest?
17. Write a note on the different types of consumers?
18. How does a forest prevent soil erosion? Mention two human activities that can damage a forest floor?
19. Write a short note on how forests are like big check dams?
20. Illustrate a simple Food Chain and describe it?
21. What are decomposers? Do they help in keeping the forest clean? How do decomposers enrich forest soil?
22. List any two useful forest products? Explain the uses of forests?
23. How is a food chain formed? Give an example?
24. What are the effects of deforestation? List the reasons for the destruction of forests?
55. Suggest some ways to conserve forest?

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