Worksheet for Forests Our Lifeline Class 7 Science

In this page we have forest our lifeline class 7 worksheet . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.
Question 1.
Why do few plants grow on the floor of the forest?

Question 2.
How do cattle destroy forests?

Question 3.
Name two animals that hunt from the emergent layer?

Question 4.
What is meant by biodiversity?

Question 5.
Why is the soil of a tropical forest nutrient poor?

Question 6.
Define dispersal of seeds?

Question 7.
What are decomposers? Do they help in keeping the forest clean.
Question 8.
Why are forests called the green Lungs of nature?

Question 9.
Write a note on the cycle of nutrients?

Question 10.
What is global warming?

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