Worksheet for Forests Our Lifeline Class 7 Science

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Question 1.
Why do few plants grow on the floor of the forest?


The region of forest floor receives very little amount of Sunlight. Plants adapted to grow with very less light survive in this damp, warm and dark region.

Question 2.
How do cattle destroy forests?


Overgrazing in forest by cattle from nearby villages causes destruction of forest.

Question 3.
Name two animals that hunt from the emergent layer?


Preying birds like hawks and eagles.

Question 4.
What is meant by biodiversity?


The variety of living organisms found in a region is called biodiversity.

Question 5.
Why is the soil of a tropical forest nutrient poor?


Frequent rain causes waterlogging in the forest, due to which nutrients from the soil move deeper into the soil along with the water. This makes the topsoil of the tropical forest nutrient poor and thin.

Question 6.
Define dispersal of seeds?


Fruits and seeds are produced after pollination. These are then eaten by animals and some seeds may stick to the fur or skin of animals. When these animals move from one place to another, the seeds sticking to them may fall off or some which may be let out in animal droppings, giving rise to new plants. This process is known as a dispersal of seeds by animals.

Question 7.
What are decomposers? Do they help in keeping the forest clean.


The bodies of dead plants and animals get broken down into simpler substances or decomposed by decomposers like fungi and bacteria present in the soil, hence they clean the forest. The fertility of the soil is increased by these decomposers.

Question 8.
Why are forests called the green Lungs of nature?


Photosynthesis takes place in all kinds of plants, trees and algae in a forest, releases oxygen that is used by plants and animals for breathing. After breathing in oxygen plants and animals breathe out carbon dioxide which is used by the plant during photosynthesis. In this way a balance is formed between the amount of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the air, that is why forests are called Green Lungs of nature.

Question 9.
Write a note on the cycle of nutrients?


The energy from the plants enters the consumer in the form of food. This eventually ends up at the decomposers and is released into the soil. This is again used by the plants forming a cycle known as the cycle of nutrients.

Question 10.
What is global warming?


Due to exhaust gases from the vehicles and fumes from factories, the level of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing day by day. This increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has lead to an increase in the temperature of the planet Earth. This is called global warming.
If more and more trees are planted they can keep the level of air pollution and global warming in check.

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