Reproduction in Plants Important Questions

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Fill in the blanks

Question 1
  1. __________________are known as male and female reproductive cells.
  2. In________________ and______________, new plants are produced from bulbs of plant.
  3. _________________, lemon and ___________________reproduce by stem cutting.
  4. The _____________and_______________ make up male part of the flower i.e. stamen.
  5. ___________________is a point on the stem or branch from where a new leaf arises.
  6. The ovule develops into the______________________ after fertilization.
  7. The transfer of pollen grains to the stigma with in the same flower or between flowers of the same plant is called__________________ pollination.
  8. The transfer of pollen grains to the stigma between from different plants of the same species is called _________________________ pollination.
  9. The process in which plants and animals give rise to more of their own kind is known as __________
  10. _______ is the reproductive part of the plants

Question 2
a. Algae reproduce by __________________.
b. Banana and bamboo are underground stems called__________________.
c. If a new plant has to grow from an underground stem, the type of reproduction is called __________________.
d. Onion and garlic are __________________.
e. Potato is a modified stem it is called __________________.
f. The process of vegetative propagation where the stem of a herb or a Shrub is cut and planted in the ground is called __________________.
g. An orange flower is not unisexual because it has __________________.
h. The male reproductive part of the flower is the __________________.
i. The __________________ develops inside the ovule.
j. The tip of the style of a flower is called the __________________.
k. During pollination when the pollen grains are transferred from the flower of a plant to another flower of the same plant we call it __________________.
l. An insect -pollinated flower will most probably have __________________.
m. When pollen grains from a flower reach the stigma of a flower of another plant of the same kind it is called __________________.
n. The union of a male gamete with the female gamete is known as __________________.
o. The __________________ develops into a root system.

Very Short Answer Questions

Question 3
  1. What happens to the ovary after fertilization?
  2. What is the mode of reproduction in fungi, ferns and mosses?
  3. Where are pollen grains produced in a flower?
  4. What do we call to the fertilized egg?
  5. Name the seeds which get dispersed when the fruit burst

Match the column

Question 4
Reproduction of plants Match the column question

Unscramble the below Jumbled word

Question 5

True and False statement

Question 6
i. Pollination refers to the transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
ii. The spores are asexual bodies
iii. The fusion of male and female gametes is called fertilization.
iv. Pistil is the male reproductive part of the flowers
v. Rose produce bisexual flower

Question 7
Reproduction of plants Crossword puzzle
2. it is a asexual reproduction in Yeast
3. the male reproductive part
5. Propagation of new plants from roots, stems, leaves and buds
6. the reproductive part of the plant
1. the female reproductive part
2. Leaves of this plant give rise to new plant
4. buds in the potato are also called ______

Short Answer type Questions

Question 8
i.Why is reproduction necessary for organisms?
ii.Give two advantages of each of the following:
a.Vegetative propagation
b.Seed dispersal

Question 9
Differentiate between uni-sexual and bisexual flowers.

Question 10
Define the following:
a. Reproduction
b. pollination
c. Fertilizations
d. Vegetative propagation

Question 11
Describe the functions of the following
Stamens, ovary ,stigma ,pollen tube and pollen grains

Question 12
What is vegetative reproduction? Explain with an example?

Question 13
Name two artificial methods of vegetative propagation?

Question 14
Give one difference between a root tuber and stem tuber?

Question 15
What is sexual reproduction?

Question 16
What are unisexual flowers?Give an example of a unisexual flower?

Question 17
Which is the female reproductive part of a flower?

Question 18
How do winds and bees help in the formation of seeds?

Question 19
What is zygote?

Question 20
Define fertilization?

Question 21
Differentiate between cross pollination and self pollination?

Question 22
What is seed dispersal? Give an example?

Question 23
List the artificial methods of vegetative propagation? Explain any one of them?

Question 24
Explain with a neat diagram the structure of a typical flower?

Question 25
With the help of a diagram explain how pollination leads to fertilization?

Question 26
List three examples of reproduction in plants through underground roots?

Question 27
Explain sexual reproduction in Hibiscus flower?
Question 28
Compare and contrast the different types of Asexual Reproduction on the basis of the process, structures formed and the organism in which it is found?

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