Winds, Storms and Cyclones worksheet

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Question 1.
Multiple choice questions:
(a) Which among the following exert atmospheric pressure?
(i) Land
(ii) Water
(iii) Air
(iv) All of these

(b) Compared to plains, the atmospheric pressure on hills is
(i) More
(ii) Less
(iii) Same
(iv) Constant

(c) The wind speed is measured by
(i) Wind vane
(ii) Barometer
(iii) Anemometer
(iv) Hygrometer

(d) Which of the following place is most likely to be affected by a cyclone?
(i) Mumbai
(ii) Puri
(iii) Goa
(iv) Porbandar

(e) The central calm area of a cyclone is called
(i) Core
(ii) Eye
(iii) Midpoint
(iv) None of these

(f) A fire alarm usually detects smoke in case of fire. Where should such an alarm be placed in a room?
(i) Near the door
(ii) On the floor
(iii) On the ceiling
(iv) On the wall


  1. Air
  2. Less
  3. Anemometer
  4. Puri
  5. Eye
  6. On the ceiling

Question 2
Match the following –
Winds, Storms and Cyclones Class 7 worksheet


Question 3
Fill in the blanks
(a) warm air is_________________________than cold air.
(b) ___________________blow at a speed of 89-102 km hour.
(c)____________________used to measure direction of wind.
(d) A violent tornado can travel at speeds of about__________________km/hr.
(e) The main cause of wind movement is uneven ___________ on the earth.


  1. Lighter
  2. Cyclone
  3. Wind wane
  4. 300
  5. heating

Question 4
Very short answer type questions –
(a) How is air pressure affected with change in attitude?
(b) How is air pressure affected with increase in wind speed?
(c) Why does a strip of paper rise after blowing over its surface?
(d) What is a cyclone?
(e) What causes cyclone?

Question 5
Short answer type questions-
(a) Explain why smoke always rises?
(b) What is tornado? What is speed of tornado?

Question 6
Long answer type question –
(a) How can you experimentally prove that increased wind speed leads to reduced air pressure?
(b) Make a flow – chart to understand the phenomenon that leads to creation of storms and cyclones.

Question 7

3. The moving air is called
5. Japanese name for Cyclone
6. It is a dark funnel shaped cloud that reaches from the sky to the ground
8. American name for Cyclone
1. It is a violent and sudden electrostatic discharge usually during a thunderstorm
2. The instrument to measure the wind speed
4. The formation of a very low-pressure system with very high-speed winds revolving around it.
7. The swift movement of the falling water droplets along with the rising air create lightning and sound.


  1. Lightning
  2. Anemometer
  3. Wind
  4. Cyclone
  5. Typhoon
  6. Tornado
  7. Thunderstorms
  8. Hurricane

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