Light Chapter 11 Questions & Answers

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Fill in the blanks

a.______ is used as the rear view mirror of vehicles.
b.The mirror which can form both real and virtual images in a _______
c. The image formed by a plane mirror is _________
d. An image formed by a device is erect, magnified and on the same side of the device with respect to the object. The device will have a _________
e. The device used for making peepholes in the doors of houses is a _______
f. The surface of a stone appears dull because it ______
g. Newton's disc consists of _______
h. An image formed by a concave lens is always _________
i. A lens that can form both real and virtual images is a _________
j. A lens that always forms a diminished image is a ___________
k. An image that can be obtained on a screen is a __________
l. A convex lens _________
m. A mirror that always form an image of the same size as that of the object is a ____________
n. The splitting of white light into its constituent colour is called ______ of light.
o. _________used in buses to help the driver see the whole bus.

a. Convex mirror
b. Concave mirror
c. virtual and Inverse
d. Convex lens
e. Concave lens
f. diffuse light
g. Seven colours
h. virtual
i. Convex lens
j. Concave lens
k. Real image
l. converges light
m. plane mirror
n. Dispersion
o. Convex mirror

Short answer type questions

1.What do you understand by the terms real and virtual images? Give one property of each?
2.When do we see objects?
3.We cannot see things in a dark room. why?
4.What is spectrum?
5.Examine the lenses in a compound microscope. Are they convex or concave lenses?
6.Give one point of difference between a Prism, lens and a plane mirror?
7.What is rectilinear propagation of light?
8.What is lateral inversion?
9.Concave mirrors are used to make solar heating panels. Give reasons.

Long Answer type

1.Explain regular and diffuse reflection? Draw a diagram to support your answer?
2.(i) Draw a well labelled diagram and explain the image formed by a plane mirror?
(ii) Mention the characteristics of an image formed by a plane mirror?
3.Explain with a diagram the formation of an image by a convex mirror?
4.Draw ray diagrams to represent the image formed by a convex lens and a concave lens when the object is kept between F and 2F?
5.Show diagrammatically how a convex lens produces a magnified and virtual image?
6.A concave lens diverges (bend outward) light. Explain with a diagram?

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