Nutrition in animals

Nutrition in animals Revision sheet

This page contains concept map for class 7 science chapter 1 Nutrition in animals Save this for the moments just before your exams. This revision notes are in the form of mind maps. If you have suggestions let me know through coment at the end of the page.

Nutrition in animals

nutrition in animals concept map

Digestion in humans

Digestion in humans

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Reference Books for class 7 Science

Given below are the links of some of the reference books for class 7 math.

  1. Science for Class 7 by Lakhmir Singh
  2. Science Foundation Course For JEE/NEET/NSO/Olympiad - Class 7
  3. CBSE All In One Science Class 7 by Arihant Experts (Author)
  4. IIT Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Maths for Class 7

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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