Nutrition in animals Worksheet

Fill in the blanks

a.The process in which complex food is broken down into simple, water soluble substances is called___________________________________
b.Digestive tract & ____________________ together constitute the digestive system.
c.The set of teeth that grows during infancy is called ____________________________
d.Common passage for food & air is _____________________________
e.The pushing down of food due to mythmic contraction & relaxation of wall of alimentary canal is called_____________________
f._____________________are finger � like outgrowth in inner walls of small intestine.
g._________________is the part of stomach in ruminants where food is stored temporarily.
h._________________is large sac between small & large intestine where cellulose of food is digested.
i.___________________is the largest gland in human body.
j.______________is the enzyme present in saliva which acts on starch of food.

Very Short Answer type Questions(1 Marks each)

1. What does gastric juice help to convert?
2. What is the main function of teeth?
3. What are the two components of digestive system?
4. What is oesophagus ?
5. Why does bread taste sweet when chewed for some time?
6. Give one instant source of carbohydrate?
7. Where the digestion does starts?
8. What is not digested by human?
9. Name the glands present in the mouth.
10. Where is bile produced?
11. Name the process of taking in food?
12. What helps the food to taste it by our tongue?
13. Name the largest gland in human body.
14. Which part of Amoeba helps in capturing the food particles?
15. Name the organ that helps in nutrition in Hydra?
16. Which organ is known as the food pipe?

Short Answer type Questions(2 Marks each)

1. What is Digestion?
2. Where is the bile produced? Which component of the food does it digest?
3. Name the type of carbohydrate that can be digested by ruminants but not by humans. Give the reason also.
4. Write one similarity and one difference between the nutrition in amoeba and human beings.
5. What is Absorption?  6. Why do we get instant energy from glucose? 7. What is salivary digestion?
8. What are parasites?
9. Name the various digestive organs of man?
10. What is cellouse?
11. What is the function of premolars and molars? Write the number of both teeth in each jaw
12. Which teeth do you use for piercing and tearing? Write the number of these teeth.
13. How many types of teeth do you find in humans? Name them.
14. What are the main steps of digestion in humans?
15. Name the type of food and mode of feeding of the following animals-
16.What is digestion?
17.Write the function of the tongue?
18.Where is saliva produced?
19.Name the organs of the human digestive system?
20.Name the different types of teeth found in human beings?
21.Give an example of ruminants?
22.What is peristalsis?

Moderate Answer type Questions(3 Marks each)

1. What are villi? What is their location and function?
2. Why do we get instant energy from glucose?
3. Can we survive only on raw, leafy vegetables/grass? Discuss.
4. Where are the salivary glands located and what is their functions ? 5. Explain the term Assimilation, Pseudopodia?
6. What do you understand by rumen and rumination?
7. Write the functions of the tongue.
8. What is the difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth?
9. Differentiate between incisors and canines?
10.Name the acid produced in the stomach?
11.Name any one digestive juice and describe its role in digestion?
12.Water is villi?
13.How does the liver help in the digestion of food?
14.What is rumination?

Long Answer type Questions(5 Marks each)

1. Draw and label Digestive system, of ruminant?
2. Draw and label Human Digestive system?
3. Explains with diagram Feeding System in Amoeba?
4. Explains the Effect of Saliva on starch?
5. Write the process absorption food in the small intestine?
6. Draw labelled diagrams of –
(a) Regions of the tongue for different tastes
7. Write short notes on: (a) The stomach (b) The liver
8. Write a short note on structure and feeding in amoeba.
9. What do you understand by alimentary canal or digestive tract?
10.Explain the nutrition in Amoeba with the help of a diagram?
11.Explain about the different kinds of teeth and their function in human beings?
12.Write the functions of the following organs in the digestive system: mouth, stomach, liver, small intestine, pancreas
13.Explain the process of digestion in ruminants and the role of a four chambered stomach?
14.Name the enzymes / secretions of following glands along with their function �
(i) Salivary gland
(ii) Liver
(iii) Stomach
(iv) Pancreas
(v) Small intestine

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