Soil worksheet for Class 7 Science

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Fill in the blanks

Question 1
a. Polythene bags &___________________ pollute the soil.
b. _______________ horizon is made up of small lumps of rocks with cracks & crevices.
c. _______________ in a soil helps plant roots to breathe.
d. _____________ soil has maximum percolation rate.
e. _______________ soil has maximum water holding capacity.
f. _____________ soil is deposited by fast-flowing rivers.
g. ____________ soil have smallest soil particles.
h. _______________ is mixed with clayey soil to improve its texture & fertility.
i. Percolation rate of water in soil is expressed as ____________________________
j. Use of pesticide should be ___________________ to reduce soil pollution.


  1. Fertilizers
  2. C
  3. Air pocket
  4. Sandy
  5. Clayey
  6. Silt
  7. Clay
  8. Humus
  9. mL/min
  10. minimized

Question 2
(a)___________________ make soil fertile and provide nutrients to the plants.
(b)___________________are flat and transparent.
(c)Soil that has the greatest proportion of large coarse particles is called ___________________.
(d)The spaces between soil particle are known as ___________________.
(e)___________________ is also called topsoil.
(f)Below the horizon C is the layer of ___________________.
(g)___________________ soil is the best soil for plant growth.
(h)___________________ is one of the ways to prevent soil pollution.
(i)Xerophytic plants survive in ___________________.
(j)Soil is made up of pebbles, sand, silt,___________________.
(k)Breaking down of rocks by the action of wind, water and climate is called ___________________.
(l)___________________ gets waterlogged easily.
(m)Horizon A contains good amount of___________________.
(n)Soil can be conserved by growing cover crops and ___________________.
(o) Paddy grows well in ___________________.


(a) Humus
(b) Sand grains
(c) sandy soil
(d) pore spaces
(e) Horizon A
(f) hard rocks
(g) Loamy
(h) Biopesticides
(i) sandy soil
(j) Clay and humus
(k) weathering
(l) Clayey soil
(m) humus
(n)clayey soil

Short Answer type Questions

Question 3
(a) weathering
(b) soil
(c) Horizons
(d) Soil profile

Question 4
Answer the following short questions:
a. Soil is an inseparable part of our life. Justify
b. How soil get polluted? How it can be prevented?
c. What is humus? What role it plays in soil?
d. What is composition of soil? Enlist the climate factors which affect soil profile.
e. Size of soil particles have important influence on property of soil. Classify the soil correlating with size of soil particles.
f. List down the climate factors which affect soil profile.
g. Why erosion of soil is more severe in deserts or bare lands?

Question 5
Differentiate A, B and C Horizons.

Question 6
if a soil sample ‘X’ has 20% Water Holding capacity. I have poured water from measuring cylinder having 100 ml water on 50 g of soil sample ‘Y’ till dripping. Water left in cylinder is 80 ml.
i. Calculate percentage of water retained by soil sample ‘Y’.
ii. Which soil sample can be used to grow paddy?


  1. 40%
  2. Y

Question 7
Which type of soil is better for following & why-
(a) For making pots
(b) For growing plants
(c) To reach wells


a. Clayey soil
b. Loamy soil
c. Sandy soil

Question 8
Unscramble the below Jumble Word
  5. HSUM
  6. YMOAL


  1. Clayey
  2. Erosion
  3. Percolation
  4. Moisture
  5. Humus
  6. Loamy

Question 9
Match the animals in Column A to their natural habitat in Column B
soil worksheet for class 7 science


Question 10
What are pore spaces?

Question 11
What is the percolation rate of the soil?

Question 12
Why do plants grow well in loamy soil?

Question 13
Differentiate between cover crops and shelterbelts?

Question 14
How is humus formed?

Question 15
What is the water holding capacity of soil?

Question 16
What are the different layers of soil called?

Question 17
Describe the main horizons of soil?

Question 18
With the help of a diagram explain the stages of soil formation?

Question 19
What is weathering? List the different types of weathering?

Question 20
How is soil classified based on its absorption capacity? Give one property for each type?

Question 21
Explain the different layers in a soil profile?

Question 22
Explain the different properties of soil?

Question 23
List the types of soil suitable for the growth of crops? Give two examples of crops that can be grown in each type?

Question 24
What is soil pollution? Name three causes and preventive measures of soil pollution?

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