Water a precious resource class 7 questions and answers

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Question 1.
What is meant by potable water?


Water that can be safely used for human consumption is called potable water.

Question 2.
Name any three freshwater resources?



Question 3.
Name two regions in India that are drought prone?


Rajasthan, Gujarat

Question 4.
What is meant by the water table of a region?


As the rainwater seeps into the soil, it wets the soil. The excess amount of water moves deeper into the ground and fills the spaces in the rocks known as groundwater. The level of groundwater is known as the water table.

Question 5.
Does the water table all around the earth have a similar amount of water? Give reason for your answer?


No, because the rainfall in different regions varies and hence infiltration of water too veries.

Question 6.
Check dams can increase ground water how?


(a)Rainwater percolates into the soil only if it does not flow away quickly. Water can be prevented from flowing away by constructing check dams in the path of its flow.
(b)These dams slow down the flow of water and allow it to percolate into the soil.
(c)Check dams constructed in villages of Rajasthan have raised the water levels in the region, partly solving the drinking water problem.

Question 7.
Define the following forms of water:
(a) Glacier
(b) Iceberg
(c) Snow
(d) Hail
(e) Frost


(a) It is a large chunk of ice that moves like a river over the surface of land. Glaciers are found moving from high mountains and are a source of freshwater.
(b) It is a large piece of ice that has broken off a Glacier and floats in seas and oceans.
(c) It is a form of precipitation in which crystals of ice fall on the ground.
(d) These are hard lumps of ice falling from the sky during precipitation.
(e) It is formed when water vapour solidifies and gets deposited on plants, trees, homes, vehicles etc.

Question 8.
How does afforestation help in improving groundwater?


A major remedy to lessen the problem of scarcity of water is afforestation. Planting trees and increasing the forest cover would lead to good rainfall and less pollution,thereby increasing the groundwater table.

Question 9.
How does an increasing population cause scarcity of water?


An increase in the population create a greater demand for the construction of houses, shops offices, Industries, Roads, etc., leading to overuse of the water resources and thus water scarcity.

Question 10.
Recently parts of Orissa were flooded and created a scarcity of drinking water. If floods cause too much water around, then how can there be scarcity of water?


Floods cause the loss of many animals and human lives. Flood water also carries soil, many kinds of wastes and other disease-causing organisms. It is not fit for drinking purposes and other uses.

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