water a precious resource class 7 questions and answers

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Question 1.
What is meant by potable water?

Question 2.
Name any three freshwater resources?

Question 3.
Name two regions in India that are drought prone?

Question 4.
What is meant by the water table of a region?
Question 5.
Does the water table all around the earth have a similar amount of water? Give reason for your answer?

Question 6.
Check dams can increase ground water how?

Question 7.
Define the following forms of water:
(a) Glacier
(b) Iceberg
(c) Snow
(d) Hail
(e) Frost

Question 8.
How does afforestation help in improving groundwater?

Question 9.
How does an increasing population cause scarcity of water?

Question 10.
Recently parts of Orissa were flooded and created a scarcity of drinking water. If floods cause too much water around, then how can there be scarcity of water?

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