Worksheet for Class 7 Water A precious resource

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Fill in the Blanks

Question 1
  1. The upper limit of ground water is called__________________. (water table/water cycle)
  2. _____________does not let the water to seep into the ground, hence, the ground water level goes down. (polythene/fresh water).
  3. All the three states of water are __________with the change in temperature (reversible//irreversible)
  4. ___________________are one of the traditional ways of collecting rain water (Bawris/infiltration)
  5. The wise and judicious use water is called as___________________ of water (conservation/protection)


a. Water table
b. polythene
c. reversible
d. Bawris
e. conservation

Question 2
  1. The main source of freshwater is _____.
  2. _____ of the total amount of water is available to us for use.
  3. A large chunk of ice that moves like a river over the surface of the land is called _____.
  4. The process by which water from water bodies rises up in the form of vapour is called _____ .
  5. Water that can be safely used for human consumption is called _____.
  6. A majority of farmers in India depend on _____ for irrigation of their crops.
  7. Water table is known as _____.
  8. The groundwater stored between the hard rock layers is known as _____.
  9. _____ minimises the amount of water required for growing crops.
  10. Transpiration turns water into a _____ state.
  11. _____ can be done by collecting rainwater from rooftops and storing it in tanks.
  12. _____ constructed in villages of Rajasthan have raised the water levels in the region.


(i) rain (ii) Less than 2% (iii) Glacier (iv) evaporation (v) potable water (vi) Rain water (vii) surface of groundwater (viii) aquifer (ix) Drip irrigation (x) gaseous (xi) Rainwater harvesting (xii) Check dams <

True and False

Question 3
State whether the following statements are True or False. If false, write the correct statement.
(a) Water vapour is the gaseous form of water.
(b) Ice is solid whereas snow is the semi-solid form of water.
(c) Ocean water cannot be used for domestic purposes.
(d) Rapid growth of industries is one of the causes for water shortage.


(a) True
(b) False, snow is also a solid form of water.
(c) True
(d) True

Unscramble the Jumbled word

Question 4
Unscramble the below Jumbled word


a. infiltration
b. recharge
c. depletion
d. Groundwater

Question 5
The below picture shows the processes of the water cycle
water a precious resource important question
Match these numbers with the processes given in the jumbled form

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 6
Which of the following inhibits the seepage of rainwater into ground?
(a) Forest land
(b) Playground
(c) Grass lawn
(d) A pukka floor

Question 7
Which of the following are not the liquid forms of water?
(i) Snow
(ii) Lake water
(iii) River water
(iv) Water vapour
(v) Ice
Choose the correct combination from the options below.
(a) (i), (iv) and (v)
(b) (i) and (ii)
(c) (ii) and (iii)
(d) (iv) only

Question 8
Which of the following is a way to use water economically?
(a) Construction of bawris
(b) Rainwater harvesting
(c) Drip irrigation
(d) Infiltration



Short Answer type Questions

9. Name two methods of rainwater harvesting? What are its benefits?
10. Mention four ways of water management.
11. Name the state of water?
12. What are the uses of water?
13.Explain the term underground water?
14.What are check dams?
15.What is rainwater harvesting?
16. What is renewable resources?
17. Why is World Water Day celebrated?
18. What are the effects of water scarcity in plants?

Long Answer type Questions

19. Give reason why: -
i. Earth appears blue from space.
ii. Drip irrigation helps in conserving water.
i. ‘Earth is covered with 71% water. Still there is shortage of water’. Justify.
ii. Why do some regions of our country suffer from flood while others from droughts?
21. How does drip irrigation retain soil fertility?
22. Why should we conserve water? Suggest a few ways to conserve water?
23. What are the reasons for an increase in the demand of water?
24. Why should water be treated to make it portable for human use?
25. List the causes of groundwater depletion? Explain any one of them? How is groundwater replenished?
26. Why is distribution of water uneven in our country?
27 Write a note on the natural distribution of water in India?
28. What are the main causes of water pollution? Describe any two?
29. What are the causes of water scarcity in India?
30. Explain the water cycle and the forms of water in nature?

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