Conservation of Plants and Animals Class 8 Extra Questions

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Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 1
What happen if the upper layer of the soil removed? Explain it briefly.


The upper layer of the soil is removed when it gets exposed directly to the sunlight, water and air which means the trees and grass cover are absent at that particular area. Therefore, it leads to the condition called soil erosion that makes the soil infertile for farming. Later, this condition becomes more severe and that severe condition is called desertification.

Question 2
Why are wildlife sanctuaries established?


Wildlife sanctuaries are established to protect and provide suitable living conditions to the endangered, threatened and vulnerable wild animals and migratory birds.

Question 3
Why does the government launch laws and regulations for animal hunting?


The government launched laws and regulations for animal hunting because animal hunting can lead to the extinction of the animal species. For example, the Indian government was launched the Tiger Project in 1973 to save tigers.

Question 4
Why do we need to conserve papers?


We need to conserve papers because we get papers from the trees. Therefore, the recycling and conservation of papers can save trees.

Question 5
What is Red Data Book? How many species registered in 2018?


Red Data Book is a record of all endangered species of the animals and plants. There were 93,577 species registered in 2018 whereas out of these 93,577, there were 26,197 species were threatened.

Question 6
What is poaching?


Poaching is an act of hunting, killing or selling wild animals and plants to create useful materials.

Question 7
What do we need to construct a national park?


Poaching is an act of hunting, killing or selling wild animals and plants to create useful materials.
A national park is a government-owned region where the animals and plants species are protected.

Question 8
What are endemic species?


Animals and plants species that are lived in a particular region called endemic species.

Long answer type questions:

Question 9
What is biodiversity? Explain its importance in details.


The interaction between animals and plants species in a particular area is called biodiversity. The following importance of biodiversity are as follows: -

  • Trees are used to construct many useful products like furniture, house and medicines etc.
  • Some specific medicines are obtained from the specific type of plant species such as Quinine, an antimalarial drug, is obtained from the bark of Cinchona tree; anticancer drugs are created from the Rosy Periwinkle of Madagascar and the Pacific Yew trees.
  • Trees regulate the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. They prevent floods and soil erosion and provide shelter to many animals like monkey and apes.
  • Some species are interdependent to each other for their survival. So, the survival of both the species is important in an ecosystem because if one species destroyed then the another one is extinct automatically.

Question 10
What is deforestation? Explain its effects in details.


Deforestation is a process of cutting trees to construct house, furniture, paper and timber etc. that decreases the number of trees and leads to the condition called deforestation. The effects of deforestation are given below: -

  • Natural Calamities: Several haphazard can cause due to deforestation such as floods, forest fire and tsunamis.
  • Soil erosion: The removal of upper layer soil takes place in the absence of trees and grass covering leads to the infertile condition for farming and also increase the amount of moisture in the air. The infertile condition can cause the desertification.
  • Water cycle:  Deforestation also disturbs the process of water cycle which dries water around due to decrease rate of raining.
  • Loss of biodiversity: It leads various animals and plants species endangered, threatened and vulnerable because of no balancing in the environment for survival.


conservation of plants and animals class 8 Extra Questions


1. Migration


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