Light Class 8 Science Important question CBSE

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1) The ________ at the point of incidence is called the normal.
2) __________ is a light sensitive screen
3) When two mirrors are kept parallel to each other the number of images is _____________.
4) Kaleidoscope works on the principle of __________.
5) The splitting of white light into its constituent colours is called ________.
6) The coloured part of eye is _________.
7) The ________muscles alter the ________ of the eye lens.
8) The normal value for a ________ is approximately 25cm.
9) Droplets of water split sunlight to form a spectrum known as ______.
10) ________ can be corrected by using a concave lens of suitable focal length.
11) Refraction occurs because the ________ of light is different in different medium.
12) When white light passes through a prism, it is __________.
13) In a Kaleidoscope, the mirrors make an angle of _______ with each other.
14) The English Braille system uses _________ dots.
15) Lateral displacement takes place due to refraction in a ________.

1) Perpendicular
2) Retina
3) Infinite
4) Multiple reflection
5) Dispersion
6) Iris
7) Ciliary, thickness
8) Near point
9) Rainbow
10) Myopia
11) Speed
12) Deviated and dispersed
13) 60o
14) 6
15) Rectangular slab

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