Pollution of air and water Class 8 Extra Questions- Chapter 18

Very Short answer type questions

Question 1
Short answer type questions:
(i)What is eutrophication?
(ii)What is water pollution?
(iii)What is thermal pollution?
(iv)What is chlorination?
(v)What is potable water?

Question 1a
Match the following:

Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 2
The Indian Government encourages people to not use charcoal and wood for cooking. Explain why?

Question 3
Ships need to design in such a way that their oil can’t spill in the water bodies. This statement is actually a strong argument which discourages the use of oil as a fuel. But, an environmentalist explained the correct explanation of this statement that is accepted by each and every offender. What was environmentalist’s explanation?

Question 4
Industrial emission has become the second leading cause of air pollution. Explain why?

Question 5
How is smog harmful for us?

Question 6
How does acid rain occur?

Question 7
Why did the project “Save Taj” launched in 1983?

Question 8
Write any three steps to prevent water pollution?

Question 9
Write any three steps to prevent air pollution?

Long answer type questions:

Question 10
Explain the process of water purification for public distribution. Also, draw a diagram to support your response.

Question 11
Explain the causes of air pollution.

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