Reaching the age of adolescence class 8 notes


Question 1.
Below given is an image, study it and answer the questions:

a. Identify the disease.
b. Name the hormone related to it.
c. Which gland is affected?

Question 2.
why do you think adolescents are more prone to drug abuse than young children?

Question 3.
Below given is an image, study it and answer the questions:

i. Identify the process shown in the picture.
ii. Name any one organism which show this type of life cycle.
iii. Which hormone is responsible for this process?

Question 4.
Rashi and Sita were having burger, pizzas and chips for lunch. They usually have it everyday. Are they eating healthy? give reasons

Question 5.
What is vital change which marks puberty in boys and girls?

Question 6.
Rashi had visited her biology lab and saw a skeleton. She was not sure whether it is of male or female skeleton. How do you think she can understand just by seeing the skeleton?

Question 7.
Is uterus thickening permanent or temporary?

Question 8.
Why does boys have deep voice than females?

Question 9.
What will happen if water lacks iodine?

Question 10.
Why government has made certain age for marriage?

Answer the following in brief:

Question 11.
What are the causes of AIDS?

Question 12.
List two changes in physical appearance in males.

Question 13.
Name the female hormone produced by ovary

Question 14.
What is the cause of goitre in human beings?

Question 15.
Name the gland which produces adrenaline and growth hormone.

Question 16.
Why is exercise important during adolescence?

Question 17.
Why drugs should be avoided?

Question 18.
What will happen if growth hormone is less secreted?

Question 19.
Ravi was asked to take a balanced diet, but he was reluctant to consume, later on his mom explained the reason for the need to consume it. What do you think his mother must have told him as the benefit of balanced diet.

Question 20.
State the function of the following:
i. testosterone
ii. Oestrogen

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