Some Natural Phenomena Class 8 Worksheet - Chapter 15

Very short answer type questions

Question 1
Short answer type questions:
(i)What is seismograph?
(ii)What is thunder?
(iii)What is conduction?
(iv)What is friction in terms of transferring the charges?
(v)What is an electric discharge?

Short answer type questions/ HOTS:

Question 2
Ramesh wants to detect the charge in an unknown body. How does he detect the charge? What principle does the device work?

Question 3
How does the lightning occur?

Question 4
What are tectonic plates? How do they cause earthquake?

Question 5
Write any three precautions against the earthquake.

Question 6
What are seismic waves?

Question 7
Explain the regions of the earthquake.

Question 8
Briefly describe the layers of the earth.

Question 9
Which fish produces the electric charge and how does it save itself from the predators?

Long answer type questions:

Question 10
Explain the working model of an electroscope in details.

Question 11
Explain the lightning conductor. What are the precautions we take during thunder and lightning?

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