CBSE class 8 sound Extra Questions

This page contains CBSE class 8 sound Extra Questions  along with their answers. We also have notes for this chapter that can be accessed through links given below
Sound notes

Very Short answer type questions

Question 1
Short answer type questions:
(i)What is rarefaction?
(ii)Write two uses of echo.
(iii)Name any three wind instruments.
(iv)How do percussion or membrane instruments produce sound?
(v)What is music?

Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 2
Vivek has an unpleasant voice whenever he tries to sing in front of his family members and they try to stop him. Why his family members try to stop him?

Question 3
What is noise population? Give examples of it.

Question 4
How do we control noise population?

Question 5
Distinguish between audible and inaudible frequencies.

Question 6
Calculate the frequency if the time period is 0.2 minutes.

Question 7
Calculate the time period if frequency is 100 Hz.

Question 8
When we pluck the strings of a guitar, thicker strings produce low pitch while thinner strings produce high pitch. Why?

Question 9
How do wind instruments produce sound?

Long answer type questions:

Question 10
Explain the parts of human ear. Draw a well-labelled diagram of human ear.

Question 11
Explain the human voice box. Draw a well-labelled diagram.


This CBSE class 8 sound Extra Questions is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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