Stars And The Solar System Chapter 17 Extra Questions

On this page, you will find Extra Questions to class 8 science chapter 17 Stars and The Solar System. The Extra Questions are according to CBSE and the NCERT textbook. If you like the study material, feel free to share the link as much as possible.

Short answer type questions:

Question 1
(i)What is a meteoroid?
(ii)What is a comet?
(iii)Which is the largest meteorite found on earth?
(iv)What is asteroid belt?
(v)Which planet is called the ringed planet and why?

Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 2
Tarantino is an astrophysicist. He’s recent project is based on natural satellites of Jupiter planet. Which space probes does he need to complete his project?

Question 3
If 1 au= 1.496 x 108 km, how many kilometres in 10 au?

Question 4
If the calculated distance between the earth and star X is 2250 light years, what is the distance between the earth and star X in kilometres?

Question 5
What is the difference between Ursa major and Ursa minor?

Question 6
Why the sun is considered as a parent star for planet earth?

Question 7
What are stars? Name any two stars.

Question 8
What is natural satellite? Give two examples.

Question 9
What is an artificial satellite? Give two examples.

Long answer type questions:

Question 10
Explain the solar system. Draw a well-labelled diagram of the solar system.

Question 11
Explain the phases of the moon. Also, draw its diagram.


This Stars and Solar System Class 8 Extra Questions is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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