Class 10 Maths Assignments for Area Related to Circle

1) In figure, OACB is a quadrant of a circle with centre O and radius 3.5cm. If OD = 2cm, find the area of the
Area Related to Circle assignments
a) quadrant OACB
b)shaded region
2) From each of the two opposite corners of a square of side 8cm, a quadrant of a circle of radius 1.4cm is cut. Another circle of diameter 4.2cm is also cut from the centre as shown in figure. Find the area of the remaining (shaded) portion of the square. (Use π=22/7)
3) From a thin metallic piece, in the shape of a trapezium ABCD, in which AB//CD and <BCD = 90o, a quarter circle BEFC is removed. Given AB = BC = 3.5cm. and DE = 2cm, calculate the area of the remaining piece of the metal sheet.
4) The wheel of a motor cycle is of radius 35 cm. How many revolutions per minute must the wheel make so as to keep a speed of 66 km/h?
5) The short and long hands of a clock are 4cm and 6cm long respectively. Find the sum of distances travelled by their tip in 2 days. (Take π=22/7)
6) An arc of a circle is of length 5π cm and the sector it bounds has an area of 20π cm2. Find the radius of the circle.

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