Ncert Solutions for Graphs Class 8 CBSE Part 3

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Question 1
 Draw the graphs for the following tables of values, with suitable scales on the axes.
(a) Cost of apples

(b) Distance travelled by a car

(i) How much distance did the car cover during the period 7.30 a.m. to 8 a.m?
 (ii) What was the time when the car had covered a distance of 100 km since it’s start?
 (c) Interest on deposits for a year.

(i) Does the graph pass through the origin?
 (ii) Use the graph to find the interest on Rs 2500 for a year.
 (iii) To get an interest of Rs 280 per year, how much money should be deposited?
a)  We can mark number of apples on x-axis and cost of apples in y-axis

b) We can mark timing  on x-axis and distance covered in y-axis

i)  20 km
ii)  7:30 AM

i)  Yes
ii) The mid point between 2000 and 3000 is near Rs. 200, so the interest for Rs. 2500 is Rs. 200
iii) From the graph, we can infer that Rs3500 deposit is required to earned Rs 280 interest

Question 2
 Draw a graph for the following.



This is a linear graph

This is not a linear graph

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