Class 10 Science CONTROL AND COORDINATION Long Questions (Four Marks and Five Marks)

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4 Marks Questions

Question 1.
How do muscle cells move?
Question 2.
Mention any two signals which will get disrupted in case of spinal injury.
Question 3.
What are reflex actions? Give two examples. Explain a reflex arc.
Question 4.
Draw a labelled structure of neuron and explain the function of any two of its parts.
Question 5.
(a)What happens at the synapse between two neurons?
(b) How is brain protected?
Question 6.
Draw a flow diagram of reflex are illustrating the sequence of events which occur when we withdraw our hand on being pricked by a pin.
Question 7.
Write the constituents of central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. State in brief the function of central nervous system.
Question 8.
State how concentration of auxin stimulates the ells to grow longer on the side of the shoot which is away from light.
Question 9.
Define phototropism. Explain it with an example.
Question 10.
Name and state briefly one function each of any three phyto – hormones.
Question 11.
You must have noticed that as you approached 10 – 12 years of age, many dramatic changes appeared in your body. State reason.
Question 12.
Draw a diagram showing the correct positions of pancreas, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland in human being.
Question 13.
Mention three characteristic features of hormonal secretions in human beings.
Question 14.
(a) Draw a diagram of human brain. Label on it Cerebrum, Cerebellum.
(b) What is the role of Cerebellum?
Question 15.
Name the hormone secreted by (a) pancreas (b) pituitary (c) thyroid. Write one function of each of the hormone.
Question 16.
In a neuron:
(i) Where does information received?
(ii) Through what information travels as an impulse?
(iii) Where does the impulse get converted into a chemical signal for outward transmission?

5 Marks Questions

Question 1.
Differentiate between tropic and nastic movements in plants.
Question 2.
(a) Name the system which communicates between the central nervous system and the other parts of the body. What does it consist of?
(b) Mention three components of hind brain and write one function of each.
Question 3.
With the help of suitable example explain the terms phototropism, geotropism and chemotropism.
Question 4.
Plants do not have nervous system like animals. In the absence of nervous system, how does control and coordination activities.
Question 5.
How do plants respond to external stimuli?
Question 6.
In the absence of muscle cells, how do plant cells show movement?
Question 7.
State two different types of movement in plants. Mention two points of difference between them.
Question 8.
(a)Define hormones. Write four characteristics of hormones in humans.
(b) Name the disorder caused by the following situations:
(i)Under secretion of growth hormone
(ii) Over secretion of growth hormone
(iii) Under secretion of insulin
(iv) Deficiency of iodine
Question 9.
When a person is scared, name the hormone which is directly secreted into the blood. Mention the gland which secretes this hormone.
Question 10.
Explain the need of chemical communication in multicellular organisms.

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