Important Questions on Human Reproduction

Very Short Answer type Questions (1 Mark)

Question 1
Write the physiological reasons, why are women generally cannot conceive a child after 50 years of age?

Question 2
Mention the importance of LH surge during menstrual cycle?

Question 3
Why are menstrual cycles absent during pregnancy?

Question 4
Mention the difference between spermiogenesis and spermiation?

Question 5
How is the entry of only one sperm and not many, ensured into an ovum during fertilization in humans?

Question 6
What is the function of the secretion of bulbourethral glands apart from nourishing the spermatozoa?

Question 7
Name the hormone secreted by the ovary only during pregnancy?

Question 8
Somatic chromosome number is 40. what shall be the chromosome number in the cells of seminiferous tubules?

Question 9
Name the embryonic stage that gets implanted in the uterine wall of a human female?

Question 10
How many sperms will be produced from 200 primary spermatocytes?

Question 11
Name the process of release of spermatozoa from the sertoli cell into the cavity of the seminiferous tubule?

Short Answer Type Questions (2 Marks)

Question 12
How the spermatozoa are moved through the vasa efferentia and the epididymis?

Question 13
What is the number of chromosomes in the following cells of a human male?
primary spermatocyte
Sertoli cells

Question 14
How many eggs do you think were released by the ovary of a female dog, which give birth to 6 puppies?

Question 15
Mention the relationship between concentration of luteinizing hormone and maintenance of endometrium in the human uterus?

Question 16
List the different parts of the human oviduct through which the ovum travels till it meets the sperm for fertilization?

Question 17
Placenta act as endocrine tissues. Justify?

Question 18
Mention the fate of Corpus luteum and its effect on the uterus in the absence of fertilization of the ovum in a human female?

Question 19
Why is it considered that the presence or absence of hymen is not an indication of virginity?

Short Answer Type Questions (3 Marks)

Question 20
Why is breast-feeding recommended during the initial period of an infant's growth? Give reason?

Question 21
Explain the events in a normal woman during her menstrual cycle, on the following days:
  1. Pituitary hormone levels from 8 to 12 days.
  2. Uterine events from 13 to 15 days
  3. Ovarian events from 16 to 23 days.

Question 22
Not all copulations lead to pregnancy. Give reason.

Question 23
Explain the functions of myometrium and endometrium in human females.

Question 24
Why is it considered that the presence or absence of hymen is not an indication of virginity?

Question 25
Differentiate between morula and blastocyst.

Long Answer Type Questions (5 Marks)

Question 26
Mention the source and the function of following hormones: hcG, LH FSH, Relaxin.

Question 27
(a) Name the hormone secreted and write their functions:
(i) by Corpus luteum and Placenta
(ii) during follicular phase and parturition
(b)Name the stages in human female where;
(i) Corpus luteum and Placenta coexist
(ii) Corpus luteum temporarily ceases to exist.

Question 28
Describe the structure of mammary glands of a human female?

Question 29
Differentiate between:
(i) Vas deferens and Vasa efferentia
(ii) Spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.

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