Important Questions on Human Reproduction

Very Short Answer type Questions (1 Mark)

  1. Where is acrosome present in humans?  Write its functions?
  2. What is the significance of epididymis in male fertility?
  3. Name the cells that nourish the germ cells in the testes? Where are these cells located in the testes?
  4. Define spermiogenesis. Where does it occur?
  5. Mention the difference between spermiogenesis and spermiation?
  6. Why is the middle piece of human sperm considered as the 'powerhouse of the sperm'?
  7. At what stage is meiosis I suspended in a primary oocyte?
  8. Define foetal ejection reflex?
  9. State the function of fimbriae?
  10. What is the role of cervix in the human female reproductive system?

>Short Answer  Type Questions (2 Marks)

  1. Describe the structure of a seminiferous tubule?
  2. Write the effect of high concentration of LH on a mature Graafian follicle?
  3. When and where do chorionic villi appear in humans? State their function?
  4. Differentiate between morula and blastocyst?
  5. Name the hormones produced during pregnancy in human females? Mention their source organ?
  6. Mention the difference between spermiogenesis and spermiation?
  7. Why is parturition called a neuroendocrine mechanism?
  8. Differentiate between primary spermatocyte and secondary spermatocyte?
  9. Explain what is colostrum? Why are breast-fed babies likely to be healthy?
  10. Name the stages when oogenesis and spermatogenesis initiate in human female and male, respectively?

>Short Answer  Type Questions (3 Marks)

  1. Name the stage of human embryo at which it gets implanted? Explain the process of implantation?
  2. Draw a labelled diagram of human sperm?
  3. Draw a labelled diagram of sectional view of the seminiferous tubule?
  4. Draw a diagrammatic labelled sketch of a sectional view of human ovary?
  5. Draw a labelled diagram of the reproductive system in human female?
  6. Meiotic division during oogenesis is different from that in spermatogenesis? Explain how and why?
  7. In which part of the human female reproductive system do the following events take place?
    Release of first polar body
    Release of second polar body
  8. From where do signals from parturition originate and what does maternal pituitary release for stimulating uterine contraction for childbirth?
  9. Draw a labelled diagram of the sectional view of mammary gland?

Long Answer Type Questions (5 Marks)

  1. Describe the event of spermatogenesis with the help of schematic  representation?
  2. Write two differences between spermatogenesis and oogenesis?
  3. Describe in sequence the formation of an ovum from an oogonium in human female?
  4. Explain the process of fertilization in human female and trace the post fertilization events in sequential order upto implantation of the embryo?
  5. Write the function of the following:
    Corpus luteum
    Sperm tail
  6. What is menstrual cycle? Explain the various stages of menstrual cycle?

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