Practice Worksheets for Class 6 Science Chapter 15 Air Around Us

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Question 1
State True or False
(a) Nitrogen supports burning of a candle
(b) Dust particles are always present in air
(c) Water Vapour present in Air supports the water cycle
(d) Birds, insect can fly because of the air
(e) Plants absorb oxygen to prepare the food (f) Air is primary made of Hydrogen and Helium

Question 2
Fill in the Blank
a. The process of absorbing carbon dioxide from air and preparing the food by plants is called ______________
b. Air is _______________ and not _______.
c. The layer of gases around the earth is called as _______________.
d. Air occupies ______________ and has ___________
e.Organism living in soil breathe through ______________.
f. Air is primary made of ______ and ________
g. Removal of water from plant bodies in the form of vapours is called __________
h. Clothes dry faster when there is ______ water vapour in air

Question 3
Match the following
Column A
Column B
Oxygen is required
Nitrogen is used to prepare
CO2 is used in
Electric Bulb
Argon is used
Water Vapour
Low temperature
Water cycle

Question 4
Solve the below crossword
Practice Worksheets for Class 6 Science Chapter 15 Air Around Us
2. This gas is used for treating cancer patient
3. The blanket of gases that surrounds the earth
4. These animals used air dissolved in water for respiration
5. it is colourless and odour less
7. The gas which helps in combustion
8. This process involves utilization of carbon dioxide from air and release of oxygen into the air. Down
1. The major part in air
2. Air is used by animals for this process
6. The device used to convert wind energy into electrical energy

Question 5
  1. ____________________ gas is not found free in air.
  2. Winnowing is more effective in __________________ air.
  3. ____________________ supports burning of a candle.
  4. Air in motion is called ________________..
  5. Lime water turns ____________. when carbon dioxide is passed through it.

Question 6
  1. Plants do not use oxygen
  2. Fan circulates the air.
  3. Oxygen is less on mountains.
  4. The content of water vapour in the air is not expressed in terms of humidity.
  5. Air has no colour and one can see through it.

Question 7
  4. IDNW
  5. EOONZ

Question 8
  1. Argon, oxygen, oil, nitrogen
  2. Sewage, dust, smoke, solid particles.
  3. Pollination of flowers, dispersal of seed, fertilization, role in water cycle.
  4. Lungs, land, gills, nose
  5. Ozone, UV rays, humidity, skin cancer

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