Class 6 Maths Data Handling Important Questions

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Question 1
Fill in the blanks
(a) A ______ is a collection of numbers gathered to give some information
(b) A_________represents data through pictures of objects
(c) The data can be arranged in a tabular form using _______ marks.
(d) __________ is method of representing data in uniform width size horizontal or vertical bar with equal spacing

(a) data
(b) pictograph
(c) tally
(d) Bar graph

Question 2
The below bar graph shows the monthly expenditure of Rajesh family on various household items
Class 6 Maths  Data Handling Important Questions
(a) Which item is taking the maximum expenditure?
(b) which item is taking the least expenditure?
(c) How much Rajesh spent on Food and transport?

(a) Food
(b) Electricity
(c)Food=3400 , Transport=600
So,Total=Rs 4000

True and false statement
(a) In a bar graph, the width of bars may be unequal.
(b)In a bar graph, bars of uniform width are drawn horizontally only.
(c)In a bar graph, the gap between two consecutive bars may not be the same.
(d) In a bar graph, each bar (rectangle) represents only one value of the numerical data

(a) False
(b) False
(d) True

Question 4
The number of ATMs of different banks in a Hyderabad city is shown below

Draw a bar graph to represent the above information by choosing the scale of your choice and then answer below questions
(a) which bank has highest number of ATM?
(b) how many total banks are present in Hyderabad
(c) which two banks have same of number of ATMS

(b) 125
(d) Citibank and HSBC

Question 5
The below graph shows the total car in Bangalore city from 2014 to 2017
Data Handling Important Questions  class 6 Maths
(a) what is the increase in total car from year 2015 to 2017
(b) which year has the minimum

(a) 14000
(b) 2014

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Practice Question

Question 1 What is $\frac {1}{2} + \frac {3}{4}$ ?
A)$\frac {5}{4}$
B)$\frac {1}{4}$
D)$\frac {4}{5}$
Question 2 Pinhole camera produces an ?
A)An erect and small image
B)an Inverted and small image
C)An inverted and enlarged image
D)None of the above

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