Nutrition in Plants Important Questions

This is a short assignment which contains important questions on chapter 1:  Nutrition in plants for class 7. I have covered most of the topics. Take your time read the notes and practice all the questions in this test paper

Question 1:
What are the components of food?
Question 2:
What is nutrition?
Question 3:
Why do plants and animals need nutrition?
Questions 4:
Write about autotrophs and autotrophic mode of nutrition? Give some example of autotrophs.
Questions 5:
Write about Heterotrophs and heterotrophic mode of nutrition? Give some example of Heterotrophs.
Question 6:
What are saprotrophs? Give some example of saptrotrophs.
Questions 7:
Explain the process of photosynthesis?
Questions 8:
What are the factors essentials for the photosynthesis to take place? What are the end products made after photosynthesis?
Question 9:
What is chlorophyll and what is its function?
Questions 10:
What are stomata? Write about the function of stomata?

Question 11: How water is transported from soil to the leaves of plants?
Question 12:
What are the nutrients other than carbohydrates which are required by plants?
Question 13:
In which form do plants absorb nitrogen?
Question 14:
How do plants absorb nutrients other than carbohydrates from the soil?
Question 15:
What are parasitic plants? Give some example of parasitic plants.
Question 16:
Write about the mode of nutrition in non-green plants?
Question 17:
What is an insectivorous plant? Give an example of insectivorous plant?
Question 18:
Write a brief note on how pitcher plants eat insects?
Question 19:
What is Lichen?
Question 21:
Give an example of symbiotic relationship.
Question 22:
How do nutrients get replenished in the soil? Write a detailed answer.
Question 23:
What is Rhizobium and how does Rhizobium help farmers?

More Questions

Question 1:
How do saprophytes digests its food?
Question 2:
Explain the following terms
  1. Nutrition
  2. Saprophytic nutrition
  3. Parasitic nutrition
  4. Stomata
Question 3:
Differentiate between
  1. Autotrophs and heterotrophs
  2. Parasites and partial parasites
Question 4:
How do plants get nitrogen to synthesize proteins?
Question 5:
How will you test the leaf for the starch?
Question 6:
Write an experiment to show that light is necessary for photosynthesis?
Question 7:
Fill in the blanks
  1. ............... gas absorbed from the atmosphere during photosynthesis.
  2. ............... element is needed in addition to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to make protein.
  3. .................... bacteria in the soil can convert atmospheric nitrogen into soluble compound
  4. Cuscuta is an example of .................. type of plant.

Answer these questions- (3 Marks each)

1. What is symbiosis relationship?
2. How are saprophytes, parasites & symbionts different from each other?
3. How are water and minerals transported to the plant?
4.What are parasitic plants? Explain with an example?
5.How do leaves help a plant make its food?
6.Explain the mechanism of trapping insects in Venus flytrap?
7.What are the different types of heterotrophic nutrition in plants? Give two examples of each?
8.All green plants are autotrophs. Is this statement true? Justify your answer?

Long answer questions (5 marks)

1. Show with the help of sketch that plants are the ultimate source of food?
2. How are nutrients replenished in the soil?
3. Explain the proses of photosynthesis?
4. How would you test the presence of starch in leaves?

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Resources for further reading
These are most of the resources we referred while preparing the notes for this chapter Nutretion in plants
  1. Photosynthesis for 7th class animated tutorial
  2. Activity to look for in animated form
  3. Good essay with easy language and explaination

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