Cell structure and functions Class 8 CBSE Worksheet

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Question 1.
  1. Our body consists of different________ systems.
  2. The basic structural and functional unit of life is called_________.
  3. Robert Hooke discovered cells in _________.
  4. Some of organisms are made up of only one cell such organisms are called _________.
  5. ____________ helps amoeba to capture food and move it from one to another.

Question 2.
  1. The shape of muscle cells is cylindrical and spindle.
  2. Neurons are the smallest cells present in the human body.
  3. The ostrich unfertilised egg is the largest cell in the world.
  4. Cell wall is present in animals only.
  5. A prokaryotic cell does not have a nuclear membrane.

Question 3.
Cell structure and functions Class 8 CBSE Worksheet

Question 4.
Name of the following words:
  1. It is a jelly-like structure present inside the cell that contains cell organelles.
  2. It is an additional outer covering present in bacteria and plant cells.
  3. This organelle contains the chromosomes.
  4. It is a group of cells that perform similar function.
  5. These cells are the smallest in the human body.
  6. A small spherical densely-packed part present inside the nucleus.
  7. It is the basic unit of inheritance.
  8. These cells do not have nuclear membrane around the nucleus.
  9. It is known as the powerhouse of the cell.
  10. This type of plastids provides the green-pigment to the leaves.

Question 5.
Very short answer type questions:
(i)Name any two type of plastids.
(ii)Where are the ribosomes located?
(iii)What do we call the not well-defined Golgi bodies?
(iv)Which part of the cell play an important role in the process of cell division?
(v)Which part of the cell is also called “suicidal bags”?


This Cell structure and functions Class 8 Worksheet with answers is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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