Combustion and Flame Chapter 6 Science Class 8 Extra Questions

Very Short answer type questions

Question 1
Very short answer type questions:
(i) Give two examples of secondary fuels.
(ii) What is the calorific value of diesel?
(iii) What is global warming?
(iv) Which gaseous is used in our homes for cooking?
(v) What is a flame?

Question 2
Short answer type questions:
(i) What is a fire extinguisher? Write two types of fire extinguishers.
(ii) What is calorific value? Write its SI unit.
(iii) What are non-renewable fuels? Give two examples.
(iv) What are gaseous fuels? Give two examples.
(v) What is slow combustion? Give two examples.

Short answer type questions/HOTS:

Question 3
Ruby lights the burner with a lighter and noticed that the flame rises blue in colour. Why the colour of the flame is blue?

Question 4
Why the luminous zone is also called incomplete combustion?

Question 5
Illustrate some brief description about solid fuels, liquid fuel and gaseous fuels.

Question 6
Write three characteristics of an ideal fuel.

Question 7
What happen if anyone inhale carbon monoxide gas?

Question 8
Which gas is responsible of global warming and why?

Question 9
Which compound is present in smoke released by the vehicles and what happen if the smoke produces in an enormous value?

Question 10
Write a general equation of chemical reaction for complete combustion.

Long answer type questions:

Question 11
Explain the zones of candle flame and also draw a well-labelled diagram.

Question 12
Write a short note about soda-fire extinguisher? Also draw its well-labelled diagram.

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