Combustion and Flame Chapter 6 Science Class 8 Worksheet

In this page we have Combustion and Flame Class 8 Worksheet . This included Fill in the blanks, Match the column, Short answer type , True and false and Jumbled word questions.Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.
Question 1
  1. The burning of substance takes place when oxygen is present then it is called __________.
  2. Substances that don’t catch fire in the presence of oxygen are called____________.
  3. The minimum temperature required by any substance to catch fire or burn is called________.
  4. The flame of Bunsen burner becomes blue due to the sufficient supply of_________.
  5. __________ and__________ substances are examples of the explosion.

Question 2
  1. Burning of fossil fuels release eco-friendly gases in the atmosphere.
  2. Primary fuels found same as they appear in the nature.
  3. The outermost zone is the least hot zone.
  4. Combustion of fuels releases oxygen in the air.
  5. Inhalation of lead compounds can cause cancer.

Question 3
Combustion and Flame Class 8 Worksheet

Question 4
(a) In non-luminous zone, the wax vapours burn in the presence of________.
  1. Soil
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Ice

(b) What do we call the innermost zone or zone of no combustion?
  1. Combustion Zone
  2. Luminous Zone
  3. Dark Zone
  4. Inflammable Area

(c) Which of the following is the hottest zone?
  1. Middle Zone
  2. Outermost Zone
  3. Innermost Zone
  4. All of these

(d) Which type of fuels leave residue or ash after combustion?
  1. Solid fuels
  2. Liquid fuels
  3. Gaseous fuels
  4. None of these

(e) What do we call the fuels that are present in a finite amount?
  1. Renewable fuels
  2. Non-renewable fuels
  3. Luminous fuels
  4. Non-luminous fuels
Question 5
Name of the following:
  1. Substances that burn easily in the presence of oxygen.
  2. Any object or material that helps to complete the process of combustion.
  3. The minimum temperature required by any substance to burn or catch fire.
  4. Low ignition substances that catch fire easily.
  5. Burning of any substance rapidly that releases a large amount of heat.
  6. Combustion of fuel takes place completely in the presence of sufficient amount of oxygen.
  7. A region where the combustion takes place.
  8. Some fuels that are present in the form of liquid in the room temperature.
  9. The SI unit of Calorific value of a fuel.
  10. It is a highly poisonous gas that produces carboxyhaemoglobin when it mixes with the haemoglobin.


This Combustion and Flame Class 8 Worksheet is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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