Class 8 science chapter 1 extra questions and Answers

Class 8 Science Crop Production and Management Question Answers

Welcome to this class 8 science chapter 1 extra questions and answers. From the perspective of the exam, some important questions are provided to the students here on this page.

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This page contains questions that generally contains two or three mark for each correct answer. Questions in this paper are for class 8 science chapter 1. Table below shows the type of questions in this test paper.

  1. Very Short Answer Type Questions
  2. Match the Column type question
  3. Answer in one word
  4. Short Answer Type Questions

Class 8 science chapter 1 very short question answer

Answer the following questions briefly. Answer should brief and specific.

Question 1. Name any two ways how weeding can be done?


weeding can be done either manually or by using chemicals called weedicides.

Question 2. Name one pesticide you will use to kill insects that harm crops?


BHC (gammaxane)

Question 3. What is apiculture?


The practice of rearing honeybees for honey is known as apiculture.

Question 4. What is the importance of Rhizobium bacteria?


It fix the atmospheric nitrogen.

Question 5. What is the disadvantage of scattering of seeds?


seeds sown by this method are unevenly distributed in the field.

Question 6. What kind of a place is ideal for storage of harvested grains?


The place should be free of moisture.

Question 7. Name the implement used in sowing.


seed drill.

Question 8. Name two methods of irrigation which conserve water.


sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Question 9. Give example of cash crops.


Coffee, cocoa, tea, sugarcane

Question 10. List one benefit of preparation of soil.


It provides air to the roots of the plants to grow.

Class 8 science chapter 1 match the following

Question 11.

Match the terms in column 1 with relevant terms in column 2. Each correct match gets you one mark.

Class 8 science chapter 1 extra questions and answers


i. c
ii. e
iii. b
iv. a
v. d

Answer in one word

Answer the following questions in one word

Question 12. Artificial application of water to soil.

Question 13. The process of cutting and gathering of crops.

Question 14. Preparation and use of land for growing crops.

Question 15. A chemical used to destroy weeds.

Question 16. A fertilizer.

Question 17. A place where storage of grains is done in bulk.

Question 18. Process of separating grains from the chaff.

Question 19. The practice of growing two or more dissimilar crops in the same field, one after the other.

Question 20. Rearing of animals on a large scale for food, and other needs.



  1. irrigation
  2. harvesting
  3. cultivation
  4. Dalapon
  5. NPK
  6. granaries and silos
  7. Winnowing
  8. crop rotation
  9. animal husbandry

Class 8 science chapter 1 short question answer

Given below are short answer type questions.

Question 21. Why does the soil need levelling?


It helps in the uniform distribution of water in the fields during irrigation and also prevents form topsoil being getting eroded.

Question 22. Name three natural methods of adding nutrients to soil?


Field fallow, crop rotation and mixed cropping

Question 23. Why should grains be dried before storage?


Grains have to be dried to prevent the growth of microorganisms before storage.

Question 24. Why is it not advisable to sow rice in winter season in our country?


Because they need more water to grow.

Question 25. If soil has all the nutrients, why do we need to replenish it?


when crops are grown in fields year after year, the soil becomes deficient in nutrients and less fertile. So, the soil has to be replenished with its lost nutrients from time to time.

Question 26. Why is it important to sow seed at the correct depth and distance?


Seeds must be sown at the correct depth in the soil. If they are sown too deep, they may not grew due to the lack of air. And if they are sown too close to the surface, birds can eat them.

Question 27. Why is the drip system of irrigation is excellent for areas like Rajasthan?


This method is excellent for regions with low water availability like Rajasthan and in this method there is no wastage of water.

Question 28. What are silos?


Large scale storage of grains is done in silos to protect them from pests like rodents, microbes or insects.

Question 29. Why does the government usually maintain a buffer stock of grains?


An extra stock called buffer stock is always maintained so that grains are available in plenty even if there is a shortfall in production in a particular year, foe example due to monsoon failure.

Question 30. What do you mean by nitrogen fixation?


It is the process of converting free nitrogen gas of the atmosphere into nitrogen compounds.


This class 8 science chapter 1 extra questions and answers is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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