Crop production and management Short answer type questions

Question 1.
Name one pesticide you will use to kill insects that harm crops?
BHC (gammaxane)
Question 2.
Name three natural methods of adding nutrients to soil?
Field fallow, crop rotation and mixed cropping
Question 3.
Why should grains be dried before storage?
Grains have to be dried to prevent the growth of microorganisms before storage.
Question 4.
Why is it not advisable to sow rice in winter season in our country?
Because they need more water to grow.
Question 5.
If soil has all the nutrients, why do we need to replenish it?
when crops are grown in fields year after year, the soil becomes deficient in nutrients and less fertile. So, the soil has to be replenished with its lost nutrients from time to time.
Question 6.
Why is it important to sow seed at the correct depth and distance?
Seeds must be sown at the correct depth in the soil. If they are sown too deep, they may not grew due to the lack of air. And if they are sown too close to the surface, birds can eat them.

Question 7.
Why is the drip system of irrigation is excellent for areas like Rajasthan?
This method is excellent for regions with low water availability like Rajasthan and in this method there is no wastage of water.
Question 8.
What are silos?
Large scale storage of grains is done in silos to protect them from pests like rodents, microbes or insects.
Question 9.
Why does the government usually maintain a buffer stock of grains?
An extra stock called buffer stock is always maintained so that grains are available in plenty even if there is a shortfall in production in a particular year, foe example due to monsoon failure.
Question 10.
What do you mean by nitrogen fixation?
It is the process of converting free nitrogen gas of the atmosphere into nitrogen compounds.

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