Class 8 science chapter 1 important question answer

Chapter 1 science class 8 question answer

Welcome to class 8 science chapter 1 question answer. On this page you would find a question bank of important HOTs and Long answer type questions along with their answer. These questions are generally 3 marks or 5 marks questions.

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This question and answer page is prepared as per NCERT book and is as per CBSE specifications.

Class 8th science chapter 1 question answer

Long Answer Type Questions

Answer the following class 8 science crop production and management questions.

Question 1. Differentiate between kharif and rabi crops with two example of each?

Question 2 How is leveling different from tilling and write the significance of these processes?

Question 3. What are weeds and how do weed affect crops?

Question 4. What is hybridization?

Question 5. Explain nitrogen cycle?

Question 6. What is nitrogen assimilation?

Question 7. What is animal husbandry?

Question 8. List the steps involved in crop production?

Question 9. What are the advantages of ploughing the soil before sowing seeds?

Question 10. What precautions should be kept in mind while sowing seeds in a field?

Question 11. Why is crop rotation considered a good agricultural practice?

Question 12. How would you prepare yous field before sowing seeds?

Question 13. Why is it essential to irrigate our fields?

Question 14. Compare the benefits and disadvantages of using manures and fertilizers in the crop field?

Question 15. Why continuous plantation of the same crop in the field should be avoided?

High Order Thinking Skills Questions

Answer the following questions (HOTS) for class 8 chapter 1 crop production and management that is about agriculture.

Question 1. Out of manure and fertilizers which one do you think is appropriate for soil? Why?

Question 2. Rakesh was preparing to produce crops and was making the list of agricultural practices: he included the following in the list-

  • irrigation,
  • removal of weeds,
  • storage of grains,
  • preparation of soil,
  • sowing,
  • adding manure and fertilizers.

Which agricultural practice is missing from the above list?

Question 3. If wheat is sown in the kharif season, what would happen? Discuss.

Question 4. Why do you think field fallow is important?

Question 5. Which method of irrigation is suitable for Rajasthan? Why do you think so?

Question 6. Given below is an image. Study it and answer the following questions:

hots question 6 image

i. What is X and Y? ii. Identify the process. iii. Give one importance of it.

Question 7. State the disadvantages of hybridization technique.

Question 8. Given below is an image. Study it and answer the following questions:

hots question 8 image

i. Identify the type of irrigation.

ii. Is it a traditional or modern method

iii. How does this method of irrigation work?

Question 9. A farmer was very worried as the salt content has increased in soil and was harming the crops. what could be the reason for it, even though he was not spraying salty salt?

Question 10. why do farmers release ladybirds in gardens?

Question 11. Arrange the following process in correct sequence.

hots question 11 image| Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Question Answer

Question 12. Why is it necessary to dry grains before storing them?

Question 13. “Excessive irrigation harmful to the crops” Justify?

Question 14. Explain how soil gets affected by the continuous plantation of crops in a field?

Question 15. Suraj has sown the seeds too deep. What does he likely going to observe? Give reasons.

Question 16. Why sowing seeds with seed drill is better than broadcasting?

Question 17. As a biology lab work, Riya had sown, some seeds in the soil and watered them by drip irrigation. She was asked to observe daily by her biology mam.

(i) Does this technique can save water?

(ii) What changes in the seed would be observed by Riya?

Question 18. Why pea is sown after wheat?

Question 19. Identify the festival shown below:

Class 8 science chapter 1 question answer

Name the festival shown.

Name the agricultural process for which it is celebrated?

Question 20. Why does the soil need levelling?


This Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Question Answer Sheet is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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