Comparing quantities class 8 ncert solutions Ex 8.2

In this page we have Comparing quantities class 8 ncert solutions Ex 7.2 for .This exercise contains question about discount, Profit & Loss, Cost price ,Selling Price, VAT and Sales tax, how to find discount %, VAT on the bill . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.

Comparing quantities class 8 ncert solutions Ex 7.2

Question 1
A man got a 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is Rs 1,54,000, find his original salary.
In these questions, there are two parts, First is the original quantity and second part is the % increase in the quantity. The final quantity will be the sum of original quantity and % increase quantity
Let us assume the original salary is y, then
y + 10% of y   = New salary= 154000
y+ 10y/100=154000
y=1540000/11= Rs 140000

Question 2
On Sunday 845 people went to the Zoo. On Monday only 169 people went. What is the per cent decrease in the people visiting the Zoo on Monday?
Actual decrease in number of visits
= 845-169=676
So % decrease

Question 3
A shopkeeper buys 80 articles for Rs 2,400 and sells them for a profit of 16%. Find the selling price of one article.
Cost price of one article= 2400/80=30
Now we know that Profit = CP x % profit
= 30 × (16/100) = 4.80
Now Selling price = Cost Price + Profit
=30 + 4.8 = 34.8

Question 4
The cost of an article was Rs 15,500. Rs 450 were spent on its repairs. If it is sold for a profit of 15%, find the selling price of the article.
Final cost price of the article after the repairs will be
CP = Cost + Overheads
= 15500 + 450 = 15950
Profit = CP x % profit
= 15950 × (15/100)= 2392.50
Now Selling price = Cost Price + Profit
= 15950 + 2392.50 = 18342.50

Question 5
A VCR and TV were bought for Rs 8,000 each. The shopkeeper made a loss of 4% on the VCR and a profit of 8% on the TV. Find the gain or loss percent on the whole transaction.
Cost price of each article=8000
Now Profile on  TV = Cost price × profit %
=8000 ×(8/100)= 640
Now loss on VCR = Cost price × Loss %
=8000 ×(4/100)= 320
Since profile is more than loss, it gains net profile
Net Profit= 640 -320= 320
Total cost Price of product=16000
So Profit %= (320/16000) ×100

Question 6
During a sale, a shop offered a discount of 10% on the marked prices of all the items. What would a customer have to pay for a pair of jeans marked at Rs 1450 and two shirts marked at Rs 850 each?
Total Price of a pair of jeans and two shirts
= 1450 + 2 x 850 = 3150
Discount = Marked Price x % Discount
=3150 × (10/100)=315
Effective Price After Discount = 3150 - 315 = 2835

Question 7
A milkman sold two of his buffaloes for Rs 20,000 each. On one he made a gain of 5% and on the other a loss of 10%. Find his overall gain or loss.
Answer Suppose the CP of buffaloes are a and b respectively
After 5% profit, SP = a+ 5a/100 =105a/100
After 10% loss SP = b- 10b/100 =90b/100
105a/100= 20,000
Profit on One buffalo=  SP -  CP =20,000 -20,000×(100/105)
90b/100= 20,000
Loss on another buffalo=  CP-SP =20,000×(100/90 )- 20,000 =20000/9=2222.222
As Loss is greater than profit, he get net loss
Net loss = 1269.84

Question 8
The price of a TV is Rs 13,000. The sales tax charged on it is at the rate of 12%. Find the amount that Vinod will have to pay if he buys it.
Answer: Sales Tax = Price x Tax Rate
=13000 × (12/100)=1560
Final Price = 13000 + 1560 = 14560

Question 9
Arun bought a pair of skates at a sale where the discount given was 20%. If the amount he pays is Rs 1,600, find the marked price.
Let the marked price be a
So final selling price after discount
=a  - a×(20/100)
Now .8a =1600

Question 10
I purchased a hair-dryer for Rs 5,400 including 8% VAT. Find the price before VAT was added.
Let a be the price before VAT
So selling price = a + a×(8/100)
Now 1.08a=5400


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